Warning: This chapter contains explicit, sexual content for mature audiences only.

Chapter 1 | Shit Happens


  “Oooh, baby!” Daliea moaned in pure ecstasy. She and Michael, her husband, were making passionate love on their living room sofa. She was leaned over the arm of the sofa while Michael entered her from behind. The sounds of their bodies hitting one another’s, and the sensual sounds of their lovemaking echoed throughout the lower level of their beautiful, spacious home. He stroked her womanhood long and hard, making her wetter. He smacked her backside and ran his tongue along her spin.


  She clutched the couch cushion to the best of her ability but it was a little out of reach. “Shit, faster!” she pleaded in a slight whisper.


  “Damn, Lia. You feel good.” Michael whispered in her ear. They were trying to be as quiet as possible so they wouldn’t wake their children, Milyon and Maceon. He did as he was told and increased his pace.

  Daliea was in a trance. “Oh, my God, Mike. Don’t stop.” Daliea demanded of her husband. He smacked her butt, and watched as it jiggled, that sight alone had him on the verge of climaxing. He slowed down; he pulled his thick baby-maker out a little, and rammed it back inside of her p*ssy, he was teasing her.


  “Oooh!” Daliea exclaimed, she grabbed onto the arm of the sofa, she knew Mike was teasing her. He hit her spot while ramming his piece deep inside of her. “Baby, damn, that’s my spot. Right there.” She moaned.


  Michael pulled out and rubbed his himself on her clit, and began entering her but paused midway. “Is it mines?” he demanded an answer of her, even though he already knew the answer. He rammed inside of her once more.


  She replied instantly. “Oooh. It’s yours daddy!” Daliea said, wanting him to make her cum.


  “You want it?” he asked, wanting her to beg. He continued ramming in and out of her slowly.

  “Yes! Please baby...” Daliea begged. Big Mike did as his wife told him, he picked up his pace, feeling her vagina muscles begin to tighten. “Oooooh, yesss!” she said, almost screaming but she controlled herself, she knew if they got any louder that they would wake their children. Her p*ssy muscles contracted and she creamed all over his member. Big Mike picked her up, he sat down, and then he sat her almost limp body right on his manhood. She was coming down from her orgasmic high; he rested his hands on her hips, she leaned forward a little, put her hands on her knees and begins to move her hips in a circular motion.


  “Yeah, baby, ride it.” Big Mike said, loving the view. He watched as her pink insides hugged him, her juices seeped out onto his, stiff manhood. He threw his head back, and covered his face, trying to control himself. Every time he went deeper inside of her, she’d grind on it, and sexily look back at him. She started moving up and down on his rod.

  “Oh, shit!” Big Mike said still covering his face with one hand, and the other on her hip. He felt like he was inside of a virgin, he knew he was the only one who’d ever been inside of her. Daliea was riding him and suddenly, she felt Mike lean forward and start playing with her clit. Their love making lasted another couple of minutes before they both climaxed, they laid in one another’s arms, and drifted off to sleep on the couch.




  Big Mike’s eyes shot open; he was awakened by the very familiar sound of a gun being cocked. He calmly looked into the eyes of a man wearing a ski mask, with a gun pointing directly at his dome.

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