Chapter 15

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😂 Chapter 15

It was getting late fauna, Griselda and Lydia had left song they had an appointment, and all my sitters were to stay for 3 days, mother Regina decided to leave and Edward left with her, I still wonder why he was here, and honestly I’m happy mother Regina left. We had dinner it was absolutely silent everyone ate and once they were done one by one they all left the dining area one by one. Mei, Autamyn, Lucianna and majestique came up to me, but me being angry walked away at they’re attempt to apologize for everything that had happened today, I know it’s not their fault but what can I do? My hair its cut they stood there and watched, they didn’t think for a second.

“Winter listen to us!” Autamyn grabbed my hand

“Don’t touch me, just don’t touch me” I yelled out

“What did we do? We tried to help?” majestique tried to explain

“Help, help! You stood there frozen, despite my cries you stayed glued to your places with your eyes wide. My hair was cut and you all knew how important it was to me, you knew why I kept it, so why, why did you stand there gawking at what was happening, father loves you and shows affection for you so I’m sure if you asked him to stop he would have and I wouldn’t have to have a piece of me cut off.” I shouted, tears were flowing, I whipped around and ran down the hall.

I ran pass Zachary “winter?” I heard him yell, I got to Zachary’s bedroom, and I shut the door behind me and jumped on the bed and cried into the pillow. I hear the bedroom door open again.

“Winter, darling what’s the matter?” Zachary sat on the bed his hand on my back, I got up and fell into his embrace, he pulled me closer as I cried into his chest, and he began to rub my back. “” he soothed “winter tell me what’s wrong?” Zachary pleaded

”I hate my family” I said to him. “I hate everything they’ve done to me, I hate how I thought my father loved me, I hate that I’m so weak, I hate that I was born in this world” I said. Zachary moved away and lifted my chin, he wiped away Te tears by my eyes and whispered “don’t hate what the was the best thing for me, don’t hate being born because without you I would have never had experienced true love” he smiled sadly and hugged me tighter

“At least one thing that was good came out of me being born into this world” I said “why is the sky so blue? As if it’s never experienced sadness, it always crumbles away, toward tomorrow, without hesitation, I wish I were the sky” I said in his chest, some stray tears falling down my eyes

“Life is born lacking isn’t it?” he asked I hummed “you touch a heart with missing pieces. The future we head toward together, we go to meet the untainted strength, the sky is clear, and the wind sings, someday man will attain joy.” Zachary said, I looked up to see him smiling and staring off into space “I know I did” he said.

We sat in silence for what felt like hours but was only a few more minutes, it felt nice. My eyes began to feel heavy, and I fell into a deep slumber.

“Come to me” I heard a faint voice “come to me” when I opened my eyes I was in front of the sealed doors, what’s so important about these doors.

“Who are you and what do you want?” I questioned

“I’m am that which belongs to you” the voice said, belongs to me. What belongs to me?

“What do you speak of?” I questioned cautiously

“Ask those about the day you were born, ask them why were you born on the last day of winter” the voice began to laugh, it laughed evilly I began to feel that uneasiness again. “Now let me out” the voice demanded

“n-no I won’t let you out until I know about why I was born on the last day of winter, and why I keep having this stupid dream?” I yelled out

Right then I felt I was being pulled, when I turned around I saw him, I saw siren, he was smiling at me

“Siren” I muttered

“winter the love of my once upon a time life, I’m coming for you” he said, an evil smirk plastered upon his face, then something grabbed my feet, causing me to crash on the floor, when I looked down to see it was shadows, pulling me to what looked like a prison cell, it was dark and looked endless.

“No let go” I began kicking and kicking. Until I was thrown into the pit, I was falling and falling, I shut my eyes and I shot open on the bed, my forehead drenched in sweat, it began feeling hot. I’m coming for you. Why would siren be in my dream? And who was that voice. I looked to the clock on the bed side stand, the time was about 2:00 am, and I walked towards the kitchen. I poured a glass of water and drank it, I walked up to the children’s room, tommy was lying beside zander and Oliver and Charlie were sleeping in their beds. I put on the baby monitor and then walked to wards Zach’s bedroom, he was splayed on the one side of the bed. I slid under the covers and moved closer to his naked chest, his arms wrapped around my waist, then I once again fell asleep, but this time the dream was happy and cheerful.

I was woken up by the sun’s rays, Zachary was still sleeping on his side of the bed. I got up and brushed my teeth, before walking towers he children’s room. When I entered they were still fast asleep. I walked into my bedroom and took a shower, I put on a long gown that reached towards the floor. It was snow colour and was short sleeves. I wore some blued heels with it and the tiara, I wore the ring we were using ad the fakes during our operation, and smiled I can’t wait for the ring Zachary gives me as a mean of our wedding.


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