Chapter 12

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😂 Chapter 12

“f-father” what the hell is he doing here, he was not meant to be here, and most importantly who is the man standing next to him? The young man looked to be 25 or so but I feel really uneasy around him.

Father looked at me with hateful eyes, had he seen the entire incident, did he hear what Autamyn and I spoke about, and was he present when I went through the phase again. I looked to the ground, all my sisters then walked up to stand beside me, no one dared to say a word, we all looked to the ground, was something the matter?

“Father” we said in synch, my palms were sweaty, it’s been what a week or so, and I still feel uncomfortable around and more than usual. “What has happened here?” father questioned,

“Well father” out of all people why her, why the goddess of making me miserable, why pavitra. “Dear winter here had gotten engaged to Prince Zachary, with no permission” she said as if she were about to die, crystal glared at me along with Autamyn.

“What no, this mere girl is not to be married to my son, my son will have someone else, someone who I deem worthy” damn plan fail, mission abort, I repeat abort. If only it were that easy. Queen Patricia glared at me, how I could forget she never did like me.

“mother, I will marry who I wish to” Zachary tried to express his opinion “no, winter will not be marrying you prince Zachary,” fathers voice boomed in the kingdom “I had told you if you were to marry you would choose from my 11 daughters, I did not mention 12.” Father began to explain, but who deems his opinion worthy for me. I’m almost 18 I can marry who I wish tom

“Father, I wish to marry who I deem worthy for me, I wish to choose my own happiness” I tried to explain, but from where I’m seeing this I guess father has made his own decision.

“deem worthy?” he mocked me “ nothing is worthy for you, more like you are not worthy to anyone, there is no happiness for you, you snatched the entire kingdoms happiness the day you were born, happiness and you do not deserve to walk the same paths” father began to laugh, but you could hear the hatred behind his words,

“Winter your father is definitely right, happiness is nothing but a dream” oh goddess of chocolate

“Oh keep your mouth shut, you brainwashing machine. You are the last person to talk about happiness, father blames me because of you, ever since you walked your way into our lives there was no utter happiness, you are a devil in sheep’s clothing you hear me witch” I said proudly

“Winter, you will not speak to your mother like that” father defended, goddammit father

“For goodness sake father, open your eyes. Do you not see what she is doing, she doesn’t want to see anyone happy besides herself and Satan’s children, her daughters. You all have seen how many times she wronged me but chose to act like you were blind. You closed your eyes while I was being mistreated by her, and now you decide you want to waltz into my life and decide who I am meant to marry, no I won’t stand for it I won’t. What would my mother have thought about you?”

“Winter” father warned, I know I’m going to cross the line but I don’t care.

“mother would have never wanted this, she would’ve despised you all, she wouldn’t have want to look at you disgusting faces” I barked, father then looked at me with cold eyes before snatching my hair then smirked, no he wouldn’t, who wouldn’t dare, there are 3 things important to me, the picture of my mother, the bear and most importantly my long hair. It reminds me of the picture of my mother, she always kept her hair, so I did the same.

“You wish to disrespect me don’t you?” he began

“your majesty, this is going too far” Zachary interjected, but father simply cut him off “ you don’t know your place boy, this is a family matter, so stay out of it, guards hold him” the guards held Zachary back, Zachary began putting up a fight but couldn’t loosen their grips on his arms

“Well winter what is the most precious thing to you other than those children you once had” father began to mock and remind me of the memories I tried so hard to forget.

“Oh yes your hair” he laughed, everyone stood frozen even my sisters looked scared, but what hurt is they were just standing there. Mother Regina walked up to me, holding my chin. “Your hair was always so irritating” she then pulled out a scissor from her handbag, why am I not surprised, right now tears were rolling down my face like the Victoria Falls. I began wiggling out of his grip, but mother Regina held me in place.

“No, no “I yelled “stay away, ill hate ill despise you if you cut it, I will kill you if you cut it, don’t touch it” I began yelling, I couldn’t recognize my own voice, my screams were growing louder, tommy began crying. Oliver zander and Charlie tried coming to help me but were held back by Queen Patricia, the young man looked scared for me. Mae and Lucianna were on the verge of tears while the rest of my sisters were watching with amusement, Autamyn looked away as if she could not bear looking at me in this state.

“Zachary help me help me” I yelled out, he was struggling and he looked like he was ready to kill anyone who was involved.

“My dear Zachary cannot help you, all he can do is watch. Do you actually believe he loves you” he gripped my hair tighter

“I do I love her more than anything I have loved in my entire life” Zachary yelled out, I was shocked, Zachary loved me, he really loved me.

“You can’t love someone in a week or 2, there is no such love” father exclaimed

“Yes you can, and I will and you can’t stop me and I swear king regionald if you hurt her” Zachary threatened, but is seems like no good, my cries grew louder and louder

Father gripped the amount he would cut an put the scissor on it getting ready to cut “if you cut it father I will never forgive you, I will hate you and I will kill u=you, stay away, I said stay away from my hair, get away from it, get away” I screamed, but he dint seem to care, he just cut it.

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