***Veronica’s POV***

“Hurry up, Ellie! Veronica’s waiting!” Connor yelled into the front door of his house before turning back to me and flashing a smile.

Connor Franta was the best friend I had ever had in the whole world. We had always just been friends, and I loved it that way. He was the perfect friend to have, because he wasn’t dramatic, and he always understood me.

He had been through a lot, which makes him easy to relate to.. He was the sixth child in his home, and when he was just seven months old, his parents got divorced. They were both cheating on each other, and his mother had a child with another man right after the divorce.

Then they had eight more.

That’s a grand total of fifteen children, ten of them all living under the same roof, with five of them gone for college.

It was even more chaotic than it sounds, because most of the younger ones were boys, and they were all crazy.

I went to Connor’s house in the morning, just like always, so that his sister could drive me to school. It wasn’t a big deal to go there, all I had to do was walk across the street.

Mostly, I tried to stay away from the inside of the house in the mornings, because it was a mad house. Toys were thrown everywhere, hairdryers were blowing, and kids were screaming.

But in all of that chaos, Connor just stood there, smiling at me.

I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

“I want to sit in the middle!” Ellie screamed, bolting through the door behind Connor.

Although she acted much younger, she was a freshman, just like me. She had strawberry blonde hair that fell slightly higher than her waist, and her green eyes were always full of energy.

“Come on, Ellie, stop being a baby,” Connor laughed, getting into the truck before me.

Connor always sat in the middle, it was just tradition I guess.

“Oh my God, Connor! Can’t you just let me sit by Veronica for once?” She argued back.

I loved Ellie, but sometimes she could be a little.. dramatic. Did I mention that she practically lived on stage? That was a strong contributing factor to her overall annoying demeanor.

She sighed and finally got into the car.

Connor had a soft smirk on his face beside me, like always. I wasn’t sure if it was because he was just a naturally delightful person or because his sister was being crazy, but it made me happy.

Well, I probably shouldn’t say sister, because whenever anyone says that, Connor has to remind everyone that Ellie was only his half-sister. So he only shared half of her crazy genes.

Connor and Ellie didn’t even share the same last name. Ellie’s last name was Dillon, which was Connor’s step-dad’s last name, and half of his sibling’s.

One of his other sister’s was Kinley, and she was the one who drove us to school. She was a senior, and she was one of the sweetest people I had ever had the pleasure to know.

She made her way to the truck, flipping her long blonde hair over her shoulder as she laughed at something that my brother said.

My brother, Timothy, was one of my three siblings. I call him Tim most of the time, but sometimes Kinley called him TImmy. It gave me a vibe that she liked him or something. THat would be a little too weird for me.

The car ride was always the best part of the day. It was a great escape, getting a chance to talk to Connor.

The only time I get to see him was during lunch and after school, which was hardly enough for me.

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