Chapter Five

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Natalia's P.O.V

"What if he says no?" Kaya asked with an uncharacteristic quiver to her voice as we approached the basketball courts.

I looked in between the bars of the fence to see the boys playing with the rest of the team. It was pretty hot so they were all shirtless and their chests glistened, some more toned than others.

"I'll give him a piece of my mind for not giving you a chance." I told her with a teasing poke, hoping she'd relax and realise that he would say yes, they'd been talking and texting each other for the past few days so clearly he was interested in her even if it was purely friendship based. My first week at Ridgemont high was almost over.

It was clear who the alpha male was, all of the guys were receptive to his instructions as he acted as coach, every ball he threw fell in basket effortlessly. The sun hit his skin and brought attention to his exposed chest, the muscled stomach wasn't quite a six pack but he didn't need it to look fit and healthy.

Alex's body uncoiled to its full height as he easily tossed the ball into the net with his feet barely leaving the ground. Meanwhile Kaya's eyes were on the guy she wanted to ask out.

Lawson laughed along with Alex as they presumably shared a joke, slapping each other's backs.

"What if I'm not his type?" She asked me as she fixed the cute red dress she wore.

"What happened to my super confident best friend? If you're not his type then it's his loss, you're curvy and beautiful Ki, that's better than being a bean stalk."

She laughed, finally beginning to relax, "You're just as curvy as I am Nat, I look fat because I'm short."

I looked at her, hoping she'd catch the disbelief on my face. She was self-conscious of her curves since this school wasn't particularly diverse so she sometimes stood out. My mom had always suffered the same feeling and she'd made sure that I was proud of my body shape as well as both of my backgrounds.

I'd taken my height from my dad's side and that was something I myself hated because there were fewer guys who were taller than me than if I had been Kaya's height. She didn't realise that tall girl problems were real.

"You're talking crazy Ki. Go in there and ask Lawson out for lunch, it's nothing serious and if he turns out to be an ass then you don't have to do it again." I told her, holding down my peach skater dress as the wind tried blowing it up against my thighs.

Thankfully she visibly took multiple deep breaths before she opened the gate of the court and walked in, any remaining nerves weren't obvious in her confident walk.

She cut into the conversation the team had been having with each other and placed her hand on his dark, glistening arm.

"Can we talk?"

He smiled at her, not appearing fazed at all by her request and began leading her aside so they could talk more privately. I decided to wait outside the court to hear the verdict before I left her to it.

To my dismay I spotted someone coming towards me from my peripheral vision and I knew who it was even before I turned to look. He rested his tan arm against the gate above his head, making his body appear taller as he stood right beside me.

"So you're stalking me now." Alex commented, his brown eyes assessing what I was wearing before returning his gaze to mine in one swift, unblinking movement.

I rolled my eyes, forcing myself to keep my mouth from running away with me and taking a peak over his shoulder to check how Kaya was doing.

They were standing closer together and he even brushed the back his hand against her arm, almost unconsciously flirting with her.

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