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Finley POV

I was so… consumed with being with him. That night… that night in the tent blew me away. I adored him; I really honestly cared for him more than I understood.

I was expecting him to get me the following morning, but he didn’t show. I figured he either forgot, or overslept. I thought he should sleep in, so I headed to school. He wasn’t there the entire day. I was sitting alone on a bench, I didn’t go to the art room, I felt strange eating there without him. Rachel came and sat with me.

“How are you and Harry?”

“Good,” I sipped my juice box, and then took a bite of my apple. “How are you?”

‘I’m good. Finley I feel bad.”


‘Saying he would make you a notch in his belt. It was rude of me. Just… Harry is so odd. I was jealous that you would rather hang out with someone like him than us.”

“Like him? Harry isn’t odd at all, he’s just private. Why would you feel jealous, you barely knew me?”

“I know but you were the first new kid we had in forever. It was nice to make a new friend, see a new face.”


‘I don’t know,” she shrugged. “That was bothering me, I just wanted to apologize.’

“Well, thank you, I appreciate it.”

She gave me a genuine smile and left. I thought that was odd, but I really did think that was nice. I finished up my lunch, and the rest of my day. I drove over to Harry’s place, letting myself in.

“Harry? You here?”

“Fin?” he turned and looked at me. He was in his living room, looking exhausted. He was sitting at a piano, the upright kind where it’s like a square. I didn’t know he had a piano. He yawned, and rubbed his face as I walked over to him. “Shit, I’m sorry, I stayed up all night working on the next clue.” He rubbed his eyes. “I’ll change and then head to school.”

I laughed. “School? It’s three thirty.”


“You stayed up all night?” I rubbed his shoulder, it was hunched up. It was like he was sitting in this rigid position the whole time.

“Yeah,” he yawned. “He wanted me to finish composing this piece he had spent a long time working on. It took me half the night just to remember how to play.”

“Well, why don’t you go crash, take a step back from it. I’ll go to the store and I’ll cook you dinner?”

“Sounds great,” he yawned and stumbled up to his feet. He pecked my lips and pulled off his shirt. I bit my lip, shaking my head as he started away.

I went to the store, and got ingredients to make a very good meal. I wanted to make him orange chicken, my mom taught me how to make it recently. I got the rice, and vegetables, even ran home to get my wok.

I set up everything in the kitchen; it was still just a bit early. I looked at the piano, picturing his father sitting here with him. It broke my heart. I couldn’t imagine going through all that he had been. I wish I could read music notes; I had no idea how to help him out with this one.

I cooked up the chicken and rice, the vegetables were crisping up. I had grabbed this special kind of wrap to make little wontons; I hoped he’d like it.

I didn’t want him to crash for too long or he wouldn’t sleep again tonight. I crawled into bed, kissing his ear gently. He had been sleeping for a few hours now. I laid my hand on the middle of his back, feeling his smooth, warm skin. It made my own skin heat. 

“Hey,” he mumbled.

“I cooked up dinner.”

“I’m starving,” He stumbled up, in only his boxers. He walked and had a seat at the dining room table where I had everything ready. “Wow, you went all out.” He yawned.

“I felt like cooking,” I shrugged, sitting down. “You like Chinese, right?”

“Love it.” He smiled. “Thanks.”

We didn’t talk about the glaring elephant in the room, what the piano meant to their relationship. It truthfully wasn’t any of my business. I filled him in on the boring day at school; I could tell he was distracted. He felt very distant, far away mentally. I understood completely, I couldn't imagine the emotional ride he was on right now. As soon as he ate he was back on the piano. I cleaned up, and put away all the food for leftovers for him.

“I’m going to go,” I squeezed his shoulder.

“No, no, stay,” he said. “I’ll be done soon.”

“This seems like a really private thing for you.”

“It is but… I want you here. I’m seriously just one line away. Do you want to hear it? Maybe if I play it all the way through it’ll help me.”

I nodded; he tapped a spot on the bench for me to sit. I watched as he bit his lip, and jotted something down on the sheets of music in front of him, concentrating so hard. He played with his lips absentmindedly, tugging on them, running this tongue over them, seeming so engrossed in this writing process. He began to play. I had no idea he was so talented, in music that is. His hands flowed gracefully, the notes filled the house. It was an incredibly beautiful, intense song. It was almost depressing, but changed as it flowed on and on.

“I think it’s done.” He said quietly.

“I think so, that was beautiful Harry.”

“I haven’t played in years.”

“You used to play with your dad?”

He nodded. “It was one of his many jobs. He was always a dabbler. He couldn’t sit still. He even taught a rock climbing class once.” He smiled.

“Sounds like a busy guy.”

“He was.” He seemed so sad, his voice so shaky in just the two words he spoke. “He made time for me, he always did.” He choked a bit, and got up, walking to his room. I took a breath, unsure of what to do. I followed him in there after a moment. His face was buried in his hands. I came over behind him, lacing my arms around him. “I hate him for this.”

“For what?” I asked softly.

“It’s bad enough he left me, knowing I was going to have an awful childhood with that woman. But he has the fucking nerve to ruin my life again, bring it all back. I haven’t thought about him forever. Now he’s back, and making relive everything I’ve spent years trying to forget.”

“I’m sorry,’ I rubbed his arms gently. “I think… maybe he thought this was comforting. Maybe he thought you’d like walking down memory lane, and remember the good, and not the awful dark cloud that his suicide brought.” he shook his head. "Think about it, you smiled when you thought of him teaching a random class like that, you talked about your old dog, your bonding at the park, all he taught you. There is good in your relationship with him Harry, whether you want it to exist or not, it's there." I gave him a soft squeeze. "Take a step back if you need to,"

“I don’t want to do this anymore, but I can’t stop.’

“You shouldn’t’ stop. I know this is hard, I can’t even imagine. But your dad wanted you to do this for a reason. I think you need to hear him out. He is talking to you, he's speaking to you, just in a really... odd way."

He nodded, still for some time. Suddenly he turned and laced his arms around me, his lips on mine as he tossed me in the pile of pillows. His lips went down my throat.

“I need you right now, help me forget everything, please,” he lifted my shirt, kissing my stomach up till he was back at my throat. I laced my arms around him, more than happy to help him any way I could.

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