Ch. 23.2 One Night Is All...

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Maneuvering Beth into a small clearing, screened from view, he held her trapped in his arms. He was out of his mind with hunger for this delectable woman. His mouth was on hers, covering her lips and claiming her deeply with his tongue, his hands were tugging her tank-top to searching for her full breasts.

She ran her fingers through his hair before grabbing it in her fists. She pushed his head downwards and he ran his lips and scratchy chin over her flushed skin. She shivered with pleasure and he brought her two puckered nipples together to suck at the same time.

His whole body was an aching agony of need. Her hands were loosening his pants for him and shoving them down. His erection sprang free and pressed against her belly and skirt, every brush on cloth or skin an electric shock down the shaft and through his torso. He needed her around him. Hiking her skirt up, he thumbed her panties to pull them away, over her curved hips, buttocks and down her thighs and off her feet and sandals. He kissed and licked his way down with the panties and back up again. His fingers found the curls of her pubic hair and he slid one in between the delicate folds of her sex. A sighing moan came from her mouth as he touched moist interior. Moist, but not enough. She hadn't had time to become fully aroused. He needed her ready—ready and as aching in need as he was.


"Oh, Russell, yes," she whispered.

"Turn around and bend over," he told her. She opened her eyes, slightly confused. She must have assumed he was going to pick her up like last night. Recovering her surprise, she obeyed, bending forward and using a palm tree for support.

Russell half knelt in front of her glorious attributes, and parted her legs a little further. Then, using his tongue he worked to bring her to the same state of mindless need that he was in. He drank in her sweetness and stroked firmly with his fingers, making her flesh quiver and clench.

Since before he woke up this morning, he had wanted to do this. He had resisted waking her up by spreading her legs and burying himself inside her at 5:30, he had kept himself under control when she had embraced him at the cliff top overlooking the ocean and tried valiantly to keep his eyes off her swaying hips and breasts on the hike down to the car. The entire time, he had wanted to tear her clothes off and drag her into the bushes. Now that he had her there, he was going to take advantage of every second.

She was beginning to move her hips in tiny circles and make gasping sounds. A fresh wave of moisture rose from her sex to his mouth. He couldn't wait any longer. With quick movements, he had the condom rolled into place and he grasped her hips with both hands.

"Now, Beth," he said, positioning himself and pulling her hard onto his erection.

She clenched and shuddered on him. He thrust again, coordinating her hips with his, drawing her back and forward on his shaft. She held onto the palm tree, under his command as he rode her, taking them both higher in their pleasure. He watched as he slid again and again into her depth, felt her heat embracing him.

The distant sound of car wheels scuffing on dirt sounded, followed by a slamming door. He froze, listening.

"Russell," she begged, squirming and twisting against his erection.

"Someone's in the parking lot."

"Don't stop, they won't come here." She tried to buck her hips, but the angle was difficult for her and his hands were still firmly on her.

"What if they do?" he pulled her loose skirt over their joined sexes, but did not withdraw. His erection twitched, blood pounding through it. He bit down on a groan of desire.

"They won't," breathed Beth. Using the tree as leverage, she pushed backwards and gyrated against him. "We'll be quiet."

It was easy for her to say, he thought, swallowing another moan.

An elderly lady called out, yelling at her husband to do something. He answered, nonchalant, telling her he would take care of everything. Another car door slammed. Their footsteps scrunched on gravel, fading.

Fairly certain they would not be discovered, Russell tightened and released his hold on Beth's hips several times in relief. Her enticing sex and buttocks rubbed on him, driving him wild with the need to thrust. He slowly began to move in return, letting her guide them. Freeing one hand from her hip, he reached around to stroke her moist sex, and heard her draw in her breath sharply. The muscles in her passage fluttered, then clamped on him and soon she was shaking with a coming orgasm.

The sight of her writhing in arousal made him lose his last shreds of control. He rammed into her, straining and pushing, jaw clenched tight to not shout. Searing heat spread through his torso, inflaming his loins and his world narrowed to the exquisite sensation of being joined to Beth. Part of him heard Beth moaning his name and he forced himself on for as long as possible to extend her pleasure. Nothing existed beyond this moment. Then his world exploded as his release took him, rippling through his body. He stifled a groan and held her hips firmly against his as his pleasure coursed through his entire being, leaving him shaking and spent.

They stood a moment, still joined together as the final spasms ran through Russell's cock, catching their breath.

"Oh, freeze-frame," Beth murmured. She stood to tug her tank top down to cover her breasts as Russell's half-hard erection slipped from her warm depths.

"I need to take you to the bungalow," he said. "It's still not enough."

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