Thirst for Sex

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"hey honey, i'll be home in about 10 minutes, alright?" "okay, im waiting" as soon as he put down the phone, i strip out of my clothes and cut off the electric. lighting up rose scented candles around the room, i sprinkled some rose petals all over the bed and lay down in a seductive position. taking my blood red lipstick on the dresser, i painted my lips a few times and lit a ciggy. a few minutes later, i heard the front door open. "honey, im home!" i turn to the music player and played a soft musical tune. "honey? melissa where are you?" the door to room open and stevie stood mouth open in the entrance. i look at him and licked lips sexily trailing my hands slowly from my neck, down to me chest, then to my mounds. trailing a finger lightly around my nipple, i moan lightly and cupped my breast. with my right hand, i slowly trail them down to my pelvis. opening my folds wide using my fore finger and middle finger, i began rubbing my clit using my thumb. i moan loudly this time, looking over to Steve, i saw his erection through his thight pants. "mmmmm oh yes right there baby" i moan imagining its steve whos pleasuring me. i heard the sound his belt as he unbuckle it and his pants dropping to the floor. opening half of my eyelid and biting my bottom lip, i look over at him watching him stroking himself while watching me. that made me even wetter. feeling more brave, i put in one finger into my core and started fingering myself. using my other hand, i tweak my hard nipples roughly. "fuck oh yes baby!" i felt a tounge swipe my clit taking my hand away, i immediately push his face into my kitty. he lap at my juices roughly still stroking his fat cock. "steve i need you in me now!" he didnt listen, instead he pushed two fingers and fingered me. licking my clit in a circular motion, sucking and biting it. when i was about to come, he suddenly stop "why did you stop!?" he open my legs wider and roughly pushed his length in me. in and out he kept thrusting hiting my g spot with every thrust. "oh god steve! im going to cum" at that, he use his thumb and rub my clit making an extremely pleasuring feeling. "ahhhh fuck!" i moan out loud as i cum and he did in me. he didnt stop though, he kept going till i erupted two more times, finally taking his cock out, he latch his mouth onto my sensitive kitty making me spasm. "oh god steve please, let me calm down for a second" he look up and kiss me on my mouth.


Confession : i havent had sex in a year ><