Meeting of Old Friends Part 9

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To say that getting off a plane when you are attached to medical equipment was easy is a bit of an understatement. Well, it is.

Alright, it really wasn't. There were more medical staff on arrival than I thought there would be. And as I said to the Jackson family, they had to get off with me. Which they found exciting. Then we were all ushered to a private area after we disembarked for customs to wait with us and then go through our luggage and passports.

Fortunately for Mum and myself, all that we would need, luggage wise was with us. We didn't have much when we left America to come home. I also don't know how she did it, but she was able to get me duel citizenship like her so I could stay in the country here. Without it, I could only stay a few years after arriving.

Anyways, the Jacksons luggage had been located in the luggage compartment and had been loaded and transferred to our waiting area for checking through the scanners. Rascal and Brandon were looking around in excitement and beginning to get really fidgety at being kept in this area. They thought they would be 'free', I think the little miss said a moment ago.

Anyway, it wasn't long before we were all moved to another holding area to wait. The poor Jackson family thought they would be quickly passed through and allowed to 'escape' the wait that Australia Customs make you do before final releasing from the airport.

I may not know that much about Australia yet, but one thing I do know is that Australia has one of the tightest customs unit in the world. Very little will get pass or through them without them noticing, regardless of what it was.

We might have known, but the kids didn't know that the 'puppy dogs' that they were playing with in this room were actually, narcotic sniffing dogs or dogs that have been trained to sniff out some things that they  have been trained for.

The kids were a little put out when the handlers had to take their 'puppies' and go visit more people. But they soon got over it. Just after they left, another door opened and in walked someone that caused the kids to squeal really loudly with excitement.

"Uncle Jack, Uncle Jack. Uncle Jack, Where's Aunt Annie?" Both Rascal and Brandon chanted as they jumped up and down. I guess they are excited somewhat to see their uncle. Even little Mickey was excited to see him too from the comfort of her daddy's arms as she leaned against him and sucked her thumb as she seemed to have a habit of doing, I noticed.

He was pushed out of the way by a slim arm so that she could get into the room followed by a few other people. "Come on dear, move!" A sweet and young sort of voice said as she came to walk pass him where he was squatting down and hugging Rascal and Brandon.

Smiling at them in an indulging way, she made her way passed her husband to go straight to Mr and Mrs Jackson giving them kisses and hugs, and flicking little Mickeys cheeks after kissing her too. It looked like everyone was excited to see this family now home. I looked at everyone else that came in the door too.

Especially an older couple that came through the door last where the man was holding a little girl. She was a real pretty little girl too, I thought. Anyway, it was getting really loud in here with all the squeals that everyone was making.

"Well! It's great to be back home, finally." Mrs Jackson said as she kissed and hugged the older couple. "We did miss you all." She added with a smile at everyone. She looked on at her brother who was rolling on the floor with Rascal and Brandon.

It wasn't long before the little girls who were held in strong arms started to push against those arms in moves that indicated that they wanted to get down. Once they did they rushed at each other and started to chat away as if they were long lost friends, which they probably were.

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