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It was the day of the concert for the guys and they gave me and Stephanie a free pass. We got to the theater and met Victoria Justice backstage. After a while Big Time Rush finally started performing their first song 24/seven.

"Try and knock us down, well get up every time. We can run this town, so let's do what we like, do what we like" then they sang the chorus. The crowd was going wild!

"All day everyday is a holiday, we're alright, 24/seven

All day everyday all we gotta say is live your life 24/seven

Oooooh ooooooh

Come and sing it baby


Then they preformed a couple more songs. After that, Victoria and the guys pulled out stools while Kendall and Dustin played guitar and they did covers for songs like Taylor Swift. They all sounded amazing. When the show was over, we headed backstage and saw a line of girls waiting to meet them. The autographing and photographing session was finally done, when we all headed home exhausted.

"You guys sounded awesome" I said as Stephanie nodded her head in agreement.

"Thanks" they all smiled at me. I specifically smiled big for Carlos and Logan. Stephanie came up to my ear and whispered,

"You totally made their day" I just rolled my eyes. We got home, rested a bit, headed out to eat somewhere, then came home and played monopoly. Stephanie went to sleep and so did Dustin. At last we gave up and never finished the game. I went to my room, brushed my teeth, and changed.

I peeked out in the hallway and saw everyone was asleep. I crept in my room and had to feel my way to my bed because it was so dark. As soon as I found my bed and stuck my foot in there, I felt something hard. Soon enough, I realized it was in the shape of a person.

I screamed as loudly as I could, "HOLY SH-" but my mouth got covered by a strong hand. I didnt know what to do. I started panicking. Then a heard a soft whisper,

"Nat, it's just me!"

"James? Is that you?"

"Yeah it's me"

"What the hell is wrong with you!?"

"Sorry, I was just here to ask if you wanted to go for a walk"

"You could've asked me out in the hallway. Or downstairs"

"Yeah... I could've.... But anyway, do you wanna go for that walk?"

"Right now?" it was dark but I could see him nod his head. Then he whispered,

"Its important, I've got to show you something"

I sigh and he grabs my hand and takes me downstairs and runs out the door to the car.

"James. Calm down! Where are you taking me?"

"Somewhere" he looked really excited for some reason. After about twenty minutes we got to what looked like a big hill. I climbed out and found my breath stuck in my throat.

It wasn't just any hill. After you climb up it, you'll find yourself in the most beautiful place on earth. The clouds were really down tonight so you could see half of them above you and half of them below. The moon was glimmering between the clouds and the city could be seen right next to the ocean. The big hill was followed by smaller rolling hills with flowers spread across them like a bed sheet. I turned around to James, breath taken and not knowing what to say. I saw him pick out a rose from the ground.

"James, I don't even know what to say-" he cut me off and held the rose for me to take. I smiled and gave him a hug. When we broke apart be said,

"I hope this explains my feelings for you" I stayed silent for a second and then quietly asked him,

"Not as a friend.... Right?" he didnt say anything at first, but then he slowly shook his head.

"No" he whispered. I just looked down at the rose and then back up at the serenity. At this point I didn't even know how to respond. It's just so much to take in.

After a while we got back in the car and headed home. When I got to the door to my room, I turned to James.

"Thank you. That really was beautiful"

"No problem" he smiled. All I could do was lay down on my bed and close my eyes. I was really tired and I didn't have the strength to wake up Stephanie. I could probably tell her everything later.......

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