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"Juvia-chan!!!" Juvia heard someone running towards her. She looked to her left and saw none other than Lyon Vastia. He runs up to Juvia and catches his breath before hugging her. "I missed you sooo much!" He whispered in her ear. Juvia smiled. "Yeah, Juvia missed you too, Lyon." She said.

Lyon Vastia has been Juvia's boyfriend for one year and 3 months. Juvia loved him, a lot, but that all changes when there is a transferee in her homeroom.

His name was Gray. Gray Fullbuster. Every Time Juvia would walk pass him in the halls or in class, her heart would beat at an abnormal pace. She never felt anything like that before.

"Hello class. Today we have a new student. Please, introduce yourself." Laxus-sensei instructs. A raven haired boy stood at the front next to Laxus-sensei and immediately her heart began beating. "Hello everyone! My name is Gray Fullbuster.", he introduces. lI came from a small village up North and I am seventeen and single. I hope to get along with you all." He says and bows. Everyone claps and most of the girls begin squealing of excitement. Except for Juvia.
'Juvia has a boyfriend...' She thought and shook her head.

*doki-doki* (I don't know what type of heart goes doki doki but I remember this from an episode.)

Juvia felt eyes piercing into her soul as the new kid sat on his chair, which was behind her. She panicked and moved her hand to the desk to her left, grabbing ahold of something. Juvia tightened her hand and so did the thing she was holding and finally, the bell rang.

She jumped up and pulled Lyon outside by the hand, since she was already holding it and hugged him. Lyon hugged her back and stroked her hair. "What's wrong?" He asks. Juvia replies, "Juvia is scared of the transfer student. Juvia caught him staring at Juvia's soul..."

Lyon laughed a sigh. "Juvia." He says, "People can't see your soul."

Juvia gasps "H-huh? Is Lyon-sama saying Juvia has no soul!" She begins tearing up and Lyon immediately regrets it. "No no no no no not like that Juvia! I meant that he can't see your soul because he's human. Can you see people's souls?" He asked.
Juvia shook her head and smiled. "Thanks Lyon-sama. Juvia is feeling better now." She gives him a final hug before skipping off to the library.

'Juvia needs to study' she thought. When she arrived, she was about to open the door when suddenly it hit her.

"Ow!" She yelped and fell onto the floor. She looked up with an eye closed and saw (cliché) Gray Fullbuster standing in the doorway, holding the handle. He looked down at Juvia and panicked. 'I hit a girl! Oh shit! Oh shit!' He bends down to help her up but can't help the blue and white stripes catching his attention.

Juvia's face turned red and she got up herself, covering her private parts and slapping Gray in the face. "Juvia has a boyfriend!" She yells at him and runs into the library. 'Juvia?' He thought.
He remembered about what the teacher said to him earlier. To look for a girl named Juvia Lockser, and immediately ran into the library. He caught up to her and sighed. "W-what do you want?" She asks coldly and Gray gives her a small smile.


"What?!" Juvia yelled. "Juvia is your tutor?!"

The librarian faced her way and frowned, putting a finger to her lip then adjusting her glasses. "Mmhm." Gray nods and sits on one of the chairs. "B-but Juvia can't! Juvia has a boyfriend!"

"It's just tutoring" ( - . - )
"Juvia is not allowed to!" ( •/////• )
"But you have to. Mira-sensei said so." He replied and Juvia growls in frustration. She gave up, "Fine, what do you need help with?"

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