15. Chases and First Dates

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The chase lasted long into the afternoon until both flopped uselessly into a mossy tree trunk. Abel shifted with a tired groan and gathered his brother up when Adam burrowed his nose against his pulse point under his jaw. "I miss this," The alpha confided and got a rumble from his sleepy brother.

With Adam's head pleasantly warm and body soaked in the scent of his childhood, he let his eyes shut. "Miss you."

"You are happy?" Abel asked.

"Vitesh nice," Adam answered. "Vitesh kind and I love him."

"Already?" The wolf sighed, accepting that admission without a fight because when Adam said the L word, it wasn't lightly.

"Think I always did. He felt right," Adam smiled up to the darkening sky peeking through the tree canopies.

"So I have to share you then," Abel complained, arm tightening around Adam's waist. "I don't trust anyone else to look after you but if you trust them, then I can't argue."

"I trust them with you too," Adam revealed. "Mate will protect you if I can't."

"I'm not the one who needs to be worried about," Abel protested in truly Abel fashion when he glowered up to the sky. "All those useless prayers to some shit load gods and I only had to wish. It isn't the gods that help us, brother. Only ourselves. That and these annoying Wish granters but I think that your mate is the one to focus them all."

"An' you won't consider staying here with your pack?" Adam pouted, attempting his own methods of persuasion.

"I know that face and no, I can't," Abel scoffed, pinching his brother's nose. "The pack is delicate. Pansies, bitches, take your pick of words. I'm building their confidence and worth up but they have to know their priorities and the way this world works. If I had known alpha shit was this annoying, I'd have beheaded the mutt and taken you away before the title fell to me but we get our vengeance this way. Not to mention, I've got a pack at my beck and call to make sure you're covered."

"I don' know why you call yourself stupid," Adam mumbled, playing with one of the scarred hands. "You are a good alpha. Best brother too."

"I'm your only brother," Abel tossed his head back to laugh at Adam's frown. "My word doesn't mean much but in my eyes, you are the best brother anyone could ask for."

"No' after what I did. I ran," Adam mumbled, still clutching the hand to his chest. "Not worthy."

"Never say that again," Abel gruffly retorted, pressing a kiss to the pepper grey hair. "You have many people who consider you worthy."

"You?" Adam whispered, fighting back tears.

"Always," Abel countered while pinching his cheek. "Up you get, let's get you back to your mate. Don't go running around for a while with that leg."

"It's healed," Adam pouted.

"Don't try to be cute."

"Me? Cute?" Adam blinked up to Abel and grinned when the alpha huffed. The elder gave in with a laugh, as soft as it may seem. "Love you, brother."

"I love you too, Adam. Now, up and go extort as much of your books from that Wish Granter as you can," Abel urged the younger to his feet. "Wish Granter!"

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