This is where is begins(chapter 1)

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So hello this my very fist fanfic so let's get started.


I woke up and thought i saw someone beautiful.She had blue eyes, and blonde hair,with smooth skin. I thought to myself who is this girl. Is she even real

I want to meet her.I want to marry her. She sounds like the love of my life.I love her already.

I had a concert that night so i had to head to that. Josh was there all ready to go.

After that show i went to taco bell to eat some tacos of course and well then I saw a blond lady sitting by herself and went up to her .

She had blue eyes.

Smooth skin.

This is her.

I asked her name

She said "My name is Jenna, Jenna Black"

I said,"Hi Jenna nice to meet you my name is Tyler, Tyler Joseph"

We talked for a while until it was late and i had to go to sleep for tomorrows concert

We exchanged numbers and stayed in touch we talked and meet up at places

Then I took her to..

An sorry guys its a really short start but here is a start

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