Seven: Hospital

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Ross' POV

"Adam call the police now!" I cried running over to (y/n). She was still breathing, barely. "I just called the police they should be here soon" Adam yelled from the other room.

I watched as the paramedics placed (y/n) on a gurney and took her into the ambulance. I wanted to go in the ambulance with her but her mother also wanted to go so I let her go with her while Adam and I followed not far behind my car. Adam turned on the radio and guess what song played, you guessed it, Without You.

~Time skip~

I looked down at (y/n), she looked like she was in so much pain yet somehow she still looked beautiful. "Ross...." I knew it was Adam by the voice because I didn't bother looking away for (y/n). "Ross we have to leave...." Adam said. I didn't answer. "Ross we can't stay" Adam said grabbing my hand.

"I shouldn't of left" I mumbled as I put both hands to my chest. "Ross.. We're gonna get in trouble" Adam said. "ITS MY FAULT" I yelled jumping up from my seat. "Ross it's not your fault, but if you want her to live we have to leave now" Adam warned. "Fine" I mumbled as a walked out into the waiting room only to see Jess, Barney, Max, Alesa and Tim Tim with sad looks on her face, Jess was the saddest, Jess was in tears.

"Is s-she alive?" Jess asked. "She's still alive but the doctors say she's in a coma" Adam answered. "Oh no" Everyone in the waiting area mumbled. I shouldn't of walked away from that door, she wouldn't of been like this, this is all my fault.

0-0 Sorry the chapter is so short, I wasn't really planing on writing this chapter. Bye❤️❤️!!!

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