Buisness Proposal

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I took a deep breath while walking out of the doors of the building. Ive had one hell of a week and I was so happy that at least one part of my hell was over.

Hi my name is Violet Demont and
You could say Im a normal 17 year old.

I'm 5"4, I weigh 120 pounds, skinny, with a plump butt and C cup breast. I have bright brown eyes that match my long hair and I'm a college student at Arizona State University.

I graduated high school at 16 years old and today was my last day of my first semester in college. I know your probably thinking "Oh she's just another one of those nerd girls" which I'm actually not. Being smart doesn't make you a nerd and I hated the people who came up with that. But I'm also "Hot" that's how the guys in college phrase it so no one ever thought of calling me a nerd thank god.

A horn beeping in the distance caused my head too tilt up and I smiled at my awaiting mom. She waved back but her smile was weak. She must have gotten bad news about my father being in the hospital.

He had stage 3 lung cancer and from my moms expression, he wasn't getting any better.

"What happened?" Were my first words as I got into moms SUV.

I knew by the look on her beautiful face which was semi identical to mine that she was worried. The creases on her forehead were multiplying and her frown seemed to be the only facial expression that stayed on her face these pass few months.

"They say he's not getting better."
I watched the tears fall out of her brown eyes so I leaned over immediately wrapping my arms around her.

"I'm so sorry." I whispered because of her sadness and my own. My mom and my dad were everything to me, and my dad was everything to her so if we possibly lost him then she would lose herself.

"I'm fine." My mothers sharp voice pierced through my ears. My arms immediately dropped from her body as I sat back in my seat glaring at her. I hated when she did this. One minute she was crying her eyes out then the next she was spitting out orders and trying to be tough. I knew she was hurting and the only way she could cope with it was to pretend this situation didn't bother her.

My mom wiped her eyes and put the car in drive and we drove away from the University.

"You will have to find a job." The hostility in my moms voice was startling. "Don't give me that look violet." My mom snapped. "You have to take care of yourself for now on. I'm using my own money and your fathers money to pay for hospital bills, the mortgage and everything else. I can no longer support you as if you are a child."

I swallowed nervously almost to scared to ask my next question. "What about my college bank account?"

"We had to use it." Mom shook her head in sorrow.
"I'm so sorry violet." She whispered but I ignored her. It wasnt her fault that money was tight at the moment and we needed the money that we had for bills and money to live off of. I just didn't know how I would get the money back or how I would even continue to pay for college.

Mom continued to talk and talk as we drove to our gated community home but I tuned her out. Once we parked in our garage I hopped out and walked to my awaiting white Nissan maximum parked next to hers. I barely ever drove my car anymore because mom loved to pick me up from the university when I was finished with my classes, it was our thing.

"I'm gonna go see dad." I mumbled when my mom looked at me questionably. I felt bad for leaving her alone when her emotions were so chaotic but I didn't want to be victim of her vicious spasms of anger when I didn't do anything to her. I was hurting too.

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