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Six : Disaster Strikes

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Ross' POV

(Y/n) was finishing up a video with Barney and Max when Adam told me I needed to come to front door ASAP. "Adam who is this?" I asked looking the 40 year old. "This is apparently (y/n)s mother" Adam replied. "And why did you call me?" I asked. "Well your her boyfriend and she's making a video" Adam answered. "Hello I'm (y/n)s mom and I bring very bad news" she said frowning. "What is it?" I asked "I'd like to tell her first, if you don't mind"

Your POV

I just sent Tim Tim the video to edit as I got a knock on my door. "Come in" I said as the door opened showing my mother. "Mom?! What are you doing here??" I asked. "Sweetheart, I bring very bad news" she said. "What is it" I asked. "Julius is ..dead" she answered. "WHAT!! NO, HOW" I yelled.

Julius was my brother and he was always there for me, he was my best friend and when he finished college he was going to move up here with me but n-now he's gone.

"He supposedly jumped off a 10 story building." My mother explained. "No that doesn't seem like him, he loved everything, he never even thought of death." I thought out loud. "Honey-" "DONT HONEY ME PLEASE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE"I cried as I ran out my office. 

I saw that Ross and Adam were chasing after me but I didn't care I wanted to be with Julius, I wanted to be dead.

"(Y/n) I know your in there please let me in" Ross cried. "No just leave me alone" I pleated. "Fine" Ross said. I waited until I heard his footsteps to get the sleep pills.

I have sleep pills just in case I can't fall asleep. If I took all of the sleeping pills I would have so much melatonin in my body that I would Over Dose and die.

Ross' POV

Adam and I were waiting for (y/n) to come out of the bathroom when we heard a thump. "Adam you don't think that could be (y/n)?" I asked. "I think that It just might be" Adam answered as we rushed to the bathroom. "(Y/n), (y/n)! Open the door!" I yelled. Adam and I broke down the door only to find a limp barely breathing body.

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