God, She's Beautiful.

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Working  for my father is not fun, even when he's not around

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Working  for my father is not fun, even when he's not around. My parents have yet to arrive back from their Caribbean vacation. A part of me is pissed, but a part of me could care less. Not having them home is peaceful. I often think about taking Vance's offer to go work at the garage, but I don't know how any work would actually get done with V nearby. Not to mention, my father would have a shit storm. He feels that since I'm his son, and his only son, I should take over his business even though I've told him it's not something I want to do.

As soon as four o'clock came around, I was out. Once home, I took a quick shower, throwing on a shirt and some jeans. I grabbed my keys from my dresser and jumped into the Z. Vance sent me a text earlier in the day, they were gonna wash up the cars before heading down to the track. A pointless thing to do since by the end of the night they're all dirty again but you just don't roll in with a dirty car. It's been a long time since I've gotten to do this, and I'm pretty stoked. I wasn't planning on doing more than a couple runs tonight, but you never know what will go down.

Halfway down the Russo's driveway I could hear Def Leopard's 'Pour Some Sugar on Me' through my open windows, no doubt blasting from the garage. That's Vin's doing, he likes his old school rock. I put the car in neutral and coast towards the garage. The sight before me was like dying and going to heaven. V was bent over washing the rear end of her RSX. Her shorts were so short, I didn't think they'd even be classified as shorts, you could see the curve of her ass cheeks. She stood up, and it seemed almost like in slow motion, her brown hair was up in a messy bun allowing her neck be to exposed. The tank top she had on was wet in areas which showed parts of her turquoise bikini and toned stomach. I felt like that cartoon wolf, my eyes were bugged out of my head and I may have drooled a puddle on my pants.

She must have heard my car approaching, her head whipped in my direction and she smiled. I cut the engine and got out. Taylor came from the front of V's car, wearing something very similar to V, holding a sponge. Beyond them the guys were in the garage. Vance was buffing his BMW, nodding his head to the music. Jeremy's car was next to Vance's but the hood was up, no doubt they're making sure his car was up to par.

I made my way over to the girls.

"Aren't you girls a sight for sore eyes?"

"Oh Chase, aren't you such a flirt. But I'm very much taken, V here, is totally available though."

V back hands Taylor in the shoulder, making me laugh.

"Our little V can be so shy." She looks between the two of us, "Well I'm gonna go grab a Coke, I'll be back." Taylor dropped her sponge in the bucket and skips off towards the garage. V watches her skip away and shakes her head. I put my hands in my pockets, because I so badly wanted to touch her.

"Hey" she simply says, a slight grin on her face.

Damn, she is adorable. "Hey. Car looks good, but you missed a spot." I nod towards the back of her car.

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