Chapter 26

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(Anna's P.O.V) 

I wake up to the sound of the rain hitting my window. I get up and sit by my window and look out it. I watch the rain fall, Funny I remember me and Nate always sitting at this window when ever it rained. I can't believe he's really gone, The one person who kept my mind off of losing my brother just gone. My phone buzzes and I get up and walk over to it, I pick it up and answer it. "Hello?" I say. "Hey Anna!" I hear them say. "Oh hey Matt." I say sitting back by the window. "You coming to school, It's starts in a few minuets.." He says. "Not up to it right now sorry." I say. "Oh okay." He says, I can hear the sadness in his voice. "So did you get the thing I left by your window?" He asks. "Um yeah." I say. "So you sure your not coming." He says. "Yeah, I don't want to see that heartless jerk anymore.." I say then hang up. I toss my phone on my bed and walk to my computer desk and sit down. I look at the thing Matt left at my window, Nate's glasses. I pick them up and grab an old shoe box from my closet. I open on of my draws and grab the pictures of us and put them in there. I walk to my night stand and open up a drawer. I pick up something I have not seen for months, the USB and the picture us Arianna, Nate, Hunter and me. I place them in the box and walk to Nate's old room. It's so empty everything is gone. I feel warm tears slid down my cheeks as I walk to him closet and open it. Just as I though he left it. I stand on my tiptoes and grab the shoe box on the top shelf and something else falls down. His blue jacket, The one he was wearing when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I pick it and walk back to my room with the jacket and shoe box. I toss the jacket on my bed and put the box next to mine on my desk. Gently I put the USB, The picture, and his glasses in the box and close it. I walk to the front door and lock it, "Not going to be see anyone for a while." I mumble and sit on the couch. I lay down and look at the roof, "I miss Nate..." I mumble.

(Nate's P.O.V)

It's been three weeks since I moved in with my parents and left Anna,  no one has seen her. Everyone one heard what I did to Mat and no one wants to talk to me. I am so alone, It hurts I messed up. I get out out of bed and get dressed, I put on a gray shirt and some jeans. I put on my black vans and walk to the living room, My mom is there sitting on the couch. "Nate have you been feeling okay?" She asks. "Yeah." I say. "Okay, have fun at school." She says. I pick up my backpack and walk to school when I get there I walk to a tree in the back of the school. No one really knows about this place,So it's nice to be alone I guess. I mean who wants to be around me anyways. I have nothing to care about, I am failing all my classes. Me and Anna would always help each other so we would never fail. "Whats the point of even being in school." I say to my self. I stand up and walk out of school when some one grabs my shoulder. "Were are you going?" They ask. I turn around and see Mat. "Why do you care." I say. "None of have seen Anna for three weeks now." he says looking at me. "You don't think I know that! It's all my fault.." I say. "Nate, we need to go see if she's okay." He says. "She hates me." I say. Saying that hurts she dose hate me, I feel tears roll down my cheek. "Let's go." he says walking out of the school. I follow him and after 15 minuets we make it.

 I have't seen this house in a while, I kinda miss it. Matt walks up and knocks on the door, "Anna?" he asks. No answer well I expected that. "Move." I say walking up to the door. I pull out a key an unlock the door. Mat opens it and walks in, I follow him and we put out bags down by the door. "Anna?" Mat calls out. "I don't think she's here." I say. "Why did you move in with your parents anyway?" Matt asks. "I wanted to, My parents did't make me or nothing." I say. "Matt?" I hear someone say. Matt looks up and sees Anna standing in the hall, "ANNA!" He says then runs to her and hugs her. "Anna I missed you." He says letting her go. "Yeah me to." She says then looks at me. "oh..hi Nate." She says. "Hi." I say waving. She walks up to me and looks at me, "So how's it been." she says, I see Mat walk out leaving me and her alone. "It's umm been.... well bad." I say. "Same, crazy right." She says. "Anna, I am so sorry." I say looking at the floor. I feel someone hugs me, I look up and see Anna hugging me with tears in her eyes. "I missed you." She says. "I missed you to." I say hugging her back. "Anna I was so stupid to leave you alone, I don't know what it was. I just wanted to be with my real parents, I am so sorry.  I love you so much." I say starting to cry. "Nate I forgive you." She says wiping my tears. "D-do you still love me?" I ask her. "I could never stop." She says then puts her forehead on mine. I close my eyes and kiss her, I felt the butterfly's in my stomach. A feeling I have't felt for the past few weeks. I pulls back and rest my forehead on hers. "I love you Nate." She says. "I love you Anna." I say. We go walk to the couch and sit down, We watch movies and play games for the rest of the day. "Hey Anna?" I ask looking at her. "Yes?" She says standing up. "W-Will you be my girlfriend again, You just make me so happy.." I say. "I would love to, Just don't do anything stupid again." She says smiling. I lay down and she lay down next to me on the couch. "Good night Nate." She says then kisses me cheek and falls asleep. "Night." I say then kiss her forehead. I finally am happy again, I have the love of my life back. This time I won't ever lose her, I will keep her safe. I love her to much....


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