A Twisted Gap in Time

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She tripped over a wrinkle in the liquid realm of sleep

And fell through the whirlwind within her mind’s eye.

She landed hard in a carnival of a twisted gap in time

Where the sure fantasy of her naïve adolescent life’s view

Bled to the raw horror of a deadly untamed reality.

For in this world the Dragons breathed their death breath of fire

So that where forests once stood tall in their immaculate majesty

Now stretched nothing but a barren land of ash, a crimson molten pyre.

The air swirled to leave a dank dark dust that drowned out the light of day

While hot embers raked the air like rain that fell to burn beneath her feet.

From all around her wild whispers rose to red ragged screams

 That tore through the silken sound of her silent night of dreams. 

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