Chapter One Hundred Two

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Sultan wouldn't allow the two anywhere near him while he aggressively whipped his tail back and forth and in between sneezing, he would snap his jaws at him

Anora leaned against boulder and sighed tiredly. If at any point the two of them brought out their wands, they knew Sultan would get crazed and that was the last thing they needed. They needed to wait until he tired himself out.

Which was taking forever and Anora was already impatient to begin with.

"You know what you should do?" Anora told Charlie.

"And here it comes..." Charlie said before looking over at her.

"I'm being serious."


"You should talk to Sultan about quidditch."


"I'm just saying, it put Tonks to sleep numerous times and-" she immediately giggled as Charlie tickled her side.

"I did not talk about quidditch that much." Charlie protested.

Anora turned to him wide eyed. "Oh Charles, you freakin' liar! All you and Wood ever talked about was quidditch. It's bad enough my parents never stop talking about it..."

"Yeah well I don't complain when you excessively talk about...about..."

"I'm waiting."

"I don't say anything when you talk to Iggy!" Charlie pointed out.

"You talk to Iggy too!" Anora reminded him.


Anora laughed to herself heartily. "You are so easily flustered." she said patting him in the stomach with the back of her hand. "Come on, it looks like Sultan has officially decided to have a rest."

"I'm sorry do you want me to accompany you, I might talk about quidditch!" Charlie huffed.

Anora looked over at him as she climbed to the top of the boulder to observe the sleeping dragon. She folded her arms and smiled.

"I dunno, you could spice things up and talk about muffins."

"Get back here!"

The sanctuary had everyone on rotating shifts to care for the sick dragons, and it seemed after the third day that the entire sanctuary, dragons included, were exhausted.

Charlie and Anora found themselves on different shifts to take care of Norberta, Roscoe and Sultan as no one wanted to deal with Sultan.

Anora stumbled around in the dark one early morning trying to slip on her boots, but she was barely awake. Charlie was snoring back in the bedroom after he returned from his shift earlier.

Everyone was running on empty.

"Ugh..." she looked down to see that she had slipped her boot on the wrong foot. "Why..."

Once she managed to get herself somewhat together, she left to find Norberta and Roscoe. A main component of fighting Squabbs was keeping the dragon warm. She found the two dragons curled up together in a tight little ball.

"If I wasn't so pissy from the lack of sleep right now, I would find this absolutely precious." she muttered.

With the mixture ready, she walked over to Roscoe first and awoke the dragon with a gentle pat.

"Come on, open up big guy. Let's get this over with."

She could only imagine the stuff tasted terrible especially by Roscoe's and Norberta's reaction. She rubbed her eyes again trying to keep herself away.

"Alright, you two are taken care to big bad Sultan."

Suddenly, Norberta's tail coiled around her feet and dragged her down.


Roscoe's tail did the same and Anora was stuck as she was used as a small space heater to the dragons.

"Guys, I'm flattered but this is so uncomfortable."

After awhile though, Anora found herself falling asleep and surprisingly comfortable.

"Wow this is...okay I'll nap but only for a minute."

What felt like a short nap turned over to be a few hours as Anora's body shut down and allowed her to get some actual sleep. When she awoke, she felt well rested but realized that she had never gone to Sultan. She moved and saw that Roscoe and Norberta had released their hold on her with their tails, but she was resting against Roscoe's side.

However, she looked over to see Norberta with her tail curled around Charlie's legs.

"What in the-" she crawled over and nudged Charlie.

He awoke with a sudden start.


"Looks like we both took a nice nap." Anora smiled.

"I didn't have much of a choice, I came here after giving Sultan his dose and found you still here. Next thing I know the two are holding me down until I fall asleep. Although I have to say it's one of the best naps I've ever had."

"Same. I thought they were using me for warmth but maybe they figured we needed a serious nap."

"We really did."

Charlie pulled Norberta's tail off of him and sat beside Anora.

"These dragons are running us ragged."

"I know I'm running out of steam." Anora smirked.

"And the puns are back!"

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