9. What He Cannot Lose

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AN: Here is some Rey concept art I did yesterday. I changed her clothing a bit, but I like the result.

On to the story! This is a major fluffball, which I think our characters deserve. Also, I couldn't help myself. So to all of you who have been craving a bit of that, I know you will like this chapter. :)

Chapter Nine

Kylo POV

"Supreme Leader, you have a guest. He says he carries information that will be valuable to the First Order."

"A guest? General, who is this you speak of?"

"He calls himself Nico Deist. A bounty hunter and a spy."

"Nico . . . Deist. Send him in."

"Yes sir."

"Ah . . . Nico. I look forward to hearing what you have to say. General! Leave us."

"Supreme Leader Snoke . . . I am glad we meet. I realize you have had, shall we say, difficulties with the focus of one of your own."

"Ren. You speak of Kylo Ren."

"Sir, in that regard, I bring bad news. I fear he has lost focus all together."

"And how would you, a mere bounty hunter, come across such information?"

"A good question, sir. I was once a stormtrooper, but I abandoned the task and defied my programming. Yet I felt for your cause. I felt for the cause of the First Order. And thus, when my contacts found documents that described the failures of Kylo Ren, I rose to the occasion."

"You are NC-4309, the trooper who betrayed us nearly half a decade ago. Hm. Tell me, how did you rise to the occasion?"

"I've always had a way with mechanical engineering. I used my fascination to create miniature spies, droids with cameras and legs, the ability to think and react to situations. One of these droids captured a particular scene that I wished to relay to you."

"Tell me what Ren did."

"The girl he was training . . . She seduced him."

"What sort of seduction, Nico?"

"She pleaded with him, telling him he must go back to his mother. Only then, she said, would the pain he felt disappear. And he did the unthinkable, sir. He agreed."

"Agreed? That traitor! . . . Oh. But there is more, isn't there Nico? What else did Ren do?"

"Supreme Leader, he . . ."

"Tell me!"

"He embraced her. He had affection for her. Even now, on Jakku, he feels affection for her."

"What did you say? What did you say about that junkyard?"

"He has affection for her."

"Yes. But she is dead. A stormtrooper executed her."

"No, Supreme Leader. Kylo Ren wore the garb of a stormtrooper and escaped with her. They are on Jakku. One of my droids is with them, stowed away in the Tie Fighter."

"Leave me, Nico. I will deal with the traitor and his lover."


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