Part 3

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All look behind and see Khalid standing behind.
Huda: Kabir Sharma, woh famous reporter.
Khalid: Yes that's correct. He will be our new Chief Editor and he's joining from tomorrow.
All are happy to hear that especially Naina.
Khalid: Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go make preparations.
As soon as Khalid goes, Naina yells in excitement.
Naina: Oh my god, Kabir sir. I am so excited. I'm such a big fan. I can't wait to meet him.
Pooja: Sahi kaha Naina, Kabir sir is sooo good-looking. Woh toh Sharukh hain.
Huda: Oye tum log bas karo. Dekhte hai Kya hota hai jab woh yahan atay hain.
Ronnie: Accha chalo bas karo aur kaam pe lag jao warna hum sab ki job jayegi.
All get back to work.
In Malvika's Cabin:
Malvika: Really, Kabir ne hai kardi
Khalid: Well as much as it's hard to believe, yes. I have already talked to KL and he is happy too.
Manav: Hai khush toh ho gay hi. The great Mr. Kabir Sharma jo a rahe hai.
Malvika rolls her eyes then says: Oh come on Manav, tumhari problem kya hai.
Manav: Meri problem, oh no my darling, it's not my problem, problem toh hogi jab Mr.Sharma ayen gay.
After that Manav leaves the cabin and Malvika and Khalid start preparing for Kabir's arrival.


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