Chapter. 5

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Logan's Point of View:

I was asleep and my eyes snapped open to hear someone whimpering and, it wasn't a person it was Connor. I got up to my window to see Connor without a shirt, and I smelled blood, his blood this isn't good, I growled low so he wouldn't hear me, I turned around and bolted out the door of the pack house to Connor.

"Logan!" He cried running to me, putting his head in the crevice of my neck. "It's okay now I've got you Kitten, none is going to hurt you." I said softly. He just cried until he finally pulled back looking up at me with puffy eyes.

I grabbed his hand bring him inside the house ignoring the stares. He followed me upstairs and walking though the door, I brought him to my bathroom and sat him on the edge of the tub.

"What happen Kitten? Who did this to you?" I growled at the last question as he trembled.

"A Belt... My Father." He stuttered and starting to cry again, I just growled and got a soft wash cloth and began cleaning his back as he whimpered.

"Logan, how are good at this?" He asked and I tensed up. Remembering the dragging of spikes across my chest, I winced at the memory until I heard someone.

"Logan what's wrong?" He asked crouching on the ground, I guess I must have fell.

He put us hand to my head and shivered as sparks went through the both of us. I need to tell him, what happen, he is the only one that deserves to know and I got up and grabbed Connor's hand, bringing him in my room and sat him down turning the light on.

"Look Connor." I said pointing at the scars on my stomach and walking closer to him, I saw him gasp and tear up a little.

"Logan, who did this to you?" He sobbed looking up at me. I took a deep breath, "My Father." I said looking down at him.

He reached forward, but stopped half way to close his eyes and stare into mine to ask for permission, I nodded and he touched skin. I had to bit back a growl, because none has touched me there in seventeen years.

I let him roam his fingers over one of the scars, I was panting by now. He leaned over lightly kissing the biggest scar and last one I got, which started at my collarbone and ended at the tip of my belly button, I groaned and he shot his head looking worried.

"Does it hurt Logan?" He asked backing away.

"No, it feels good Kitten." I said sitting down next to him. He leaned on me and put his head on my shoulder.

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