Chapter 12

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I sat in my room, hugging a pillow tightly. Tears ran down my face and fell to the pillow, leaving marks. Erik sat in the livingroom, laying on the couch.

"N...Nathan.." I mumbled between my sobs, "W.....why..." I layed back on my bed and closed my eyes tightly. I slowly drifted off to sleep.


"Austin! Time to wake up!" Amy yelled from the other side of my door. I sat up slowly and stretched. A sigh escaped my mouth as I saw my phone, a picture of Nathan as my background. I couldn't take this anymore. It's all because of Erik that we broke up. 

"Coming," I mumbled, pulling myself out of bed.

"Oh and Austin, you have a guest." Amy said, opening my door to let them in. I quickly rushed over to my dresser and put on some pajama bottoms. A tall figure enter my room, lifting his head to reveil himself.

"Austin.." He said, walking towards me. My eyes began to water as I saw the tall figure come closer to me. I rushed forward and hugged him, holding him close to me.

"Nathan..." I mumbled in his chest, tears running down my face. Nathan wrapped his arms around me and held me close. I could hear his heart beat. A soft monotone thud in his chest, getting faster and faster.

"Austin, I'm sorry," he said, setting me on my bed. I looked up at his big blue eyes, feeling as if I had just drifted into the sea.

"No need to apologize, why are you here?" I asked, hoping he would ask me out again. Nathan sat next to me and sighed, haning his head in shame.

"I wish I could ask you out again....I really do. But I can't..I've met someone. And I like them. This way, it's better for both of us." He looked at me frowned, "Please don't hate me. I really like you. Just.." I cut him off.

"It's ok." I said, tears forming in my eyes, "you like someone else, I get it." I said with a fake smile. Nathan smiled back and stood up.

"Good. I didn't want to make you sad. We can still be friends." He said, smiling. I smiled and and watched him walk out of my room.

"He is such a player." I said to myself, frowing a bit. I layed back down in my bed and covered my head with blankets, "Now what?" I asked myself.


The next day was different. Amy didn't come and wake me up. She wasn't even in our house. Neither was Erik. I walked downstairs to find my dad and Lizzy eating breakfast.

"Where's Amy and Erik?" I asked, sitting beside Lizzy. My dad lifted his head from his paper and looked at me sadly. I instantly knew what had happened. Amy and my dad were getting a divorce. And it's only been one month. A frown made it's way across my face.

Next thing i know the doorbell rings. "Got it," I said, getting up from the table. I walked over to the door and opened it, to see Erik standing there.

"Now that our parents are getting divorced, we can be together." He said smiling.

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