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"here you go maya." warm tea sat in my face. the scent of honey and sweet herbs filled my room. i grabbed the steaming mug and took a sip.

"thanks mom." i smiled gingerly.

"you must had a really rough night yesterday." she chuckled.

my eyes widen and tea spat from my lips. i sat up and looked at her. i uncovered the sheet from my body. i was still in my outfit from last night.

"mom, what happened last night?" i questioned. my words were fast just like my memory process. everything was blurry in my memory. a little scene here and there played but nothing vivid stuck out.

"well, you tell me. some really cute guy carried you home. he kind of looked like the super cute, super hot senior nash grier. " she gushed like a schoolgirl.

what a cougar...

i grabbed my phone and saw i was tagged in so many pictures, captioned:

 "maya is actual not too bad for a freshman."

"my new fav"


"maya honestly slays"

"don't be fooled by her sidekick statues because she can kick butt."

 "sidekick statues?"

it can't be. so everything did happen? well, i can't rememeber what happened but something did happen. i scrolled down my notifacations and saw that i gained almost 80 followers, received 200 likes and tons of comments. honestly, i looked good in these pictures but never mind that. i have to know what happened last night. i laid down shutting my eyes.

come on maya, think.

everything was so fuzzy. was this the result of a hangover? i mean i don't have an epic headache, i'm just in pain. that makes no sense. okay, okay, deep breathe. i obviously had a ridicously fun night so no worries. right?

i looked at the rest of the photos and my eyes landed on picture of me and hayes laughing. it was clearly an offguard. we were on the couch, drinks on a table in front of us, we were super close. i squinted, trying to examine it closer. hayes's arm was around me and we looked like we were having a super fun time. i went to the profile, trying to figure out who posted it.

"theahstea?" i scrolled through the page. the first photo was of hunter rowland and meghan trill kissing. i read the caption. "meghan couldn't have hayes so she moved to another freshman h, hunter."

this is crazy. there were over 2,000 photos. who has a time for this? it was all interesting as well, i mean there was dirt on every person in the student body, even the teachers. "student, jane hallway, is bribing the principle?"sound a little abscured but ha, tea is tea. i kept lurking and found a video.

"is that me?" i questioned and hit play.

"how many people know me as kassies's sidekick?" i questioned to the crowd and everyone hands sprung up. memory rushed to my head. i legit shaded my best friend in front of a whole crowd of people. at the end, kassie was raging to the point tears fell down her eyes. she pushed through the crowd, taylor closely following behind and people praised my action. the comments said: "finally maya stuck it to her."

@ queenbeemeghan: i know i said that kassie dropped her but i think i was wrong . maya definetly drop-kicked her to the curve . #slaymaya

meghan even gave me claps. there were tons more, the majority showing how i was right and the rest a mixture of hate and pure shock. my mouth dropped.

"are you kidding me?"

- the next day -

i was still highly confused about what happened at hayes's and nash's party but maybe, i'll get some answers today. my body was rejuvenated and ready for the day. must of been my high level of curiosity helping my body to get better. anyway, i crawled out of bed and made it up. i glimpsed out the window and my eyes filled with sudden joy and my body filled with a new-found positivity. maybe today is going to be an oddly good day. i skipped to my closet and chosed from my newer selection of clothes thanks to my mom. [ outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/wavy/set?id=19999386 ]

i grabbed my phone and my bag before i headed downstairs.

"mama, i'm ready." i smiled. she got up from the couch, her mouth wide open. she snapped as she swirled around me. i struck a few poses. see, i'm model worthy here.

"you go girl!" she grabbed her keys. we both laughed and made our way to the car.

- school -

the car ride was really long but i didn't mind because some tea was spilled by me and my mom. she honestly knows about everything and i never know how she does but i'm glad she do. i stood at the double doors just collecting myself.

breathe maya, breathe.

the next thing i knew, i was pushing open the door and all eyes were on me. my long cardigan flowed behind me giving the most dramatic effect, i love it. this would be a scene in a movie where they usually add in music, close-ups, and a slight slow-motion effect. i felt like i was drifting on cloud 9. it was pretty rad.

"hey maya." some random person greeted as he passed by.

"what's up?" i guess i questioned confusedly.

"maya, hey girl!"

"looking good maya."

"mayaaaa, what's up dude, i mean bra."

and they kept coming. where am i? is this school or my imagination? even meghan spoke. what even? as i kept walking, i felt eyes burning through me. the feeling was uncomfortable and gave me chills. i knew it wasn't from such a positive vibe. i turned to my left laying eyes on a bandana wearing brunette. i smirked lazily and arched a brow. i approached him slowly.

"excuse me." i said politely.

"we need to talk." he dove right into it. he must not be playing around. veins popped out, his eyebrows furrowed, an expression of total disgust mixed with raged suited his face. someone must of really pushed his buttons. oh, wait, it was little ole me.

"i'm all ears." i smiled, slightly pushing him out of my way to get to my locker. he preceded talking as i turned to my combination.

"you deliberately embarrassed kassie in front of the entire student body." he spat. deliberately, wow, such a big word, well for caniff. somone must of taught him that one. he even used it right.

"wow, wow, i didn't deliberately do what i did." i swung around to face him. 

"kassie was the one who drew all the attention to us." i put out, turning back to my locker. let's remember that she did. this was not maya's fault and yes, i just used third person. of course taylor was going to defend kassie. that is his girlfriend but she is just as guilty as i am. i refused to let everyone see her chew me out at that party, i didn't do it on purpose but it made a perfect point to the situation.

"but you didn't have to go that far, you could of walked away."

or your girlfriend could of walked away.

"i'm sorry, taylor, that i didn't want to look like a punk in front of the whole entire school and look like kassie's sidekick once again. i'm sorry that didn't want to be the pet of your girlfriend and be a fool for letting her make me look like a bigger idiot than i already am. i'm so, so sorry." i slammed my locker. my eyes glanced up at his face which was total stunned but he knew that it would of been true if it happened that way. everyone knew to be exact. i just changed their expectations and that meant holding it to a burning flame a.k.a the grudges that i held on this doof's girlfriend. when something needs to let go, it lets go.

i walked away from taylor as his eyes glued on me. out the corner of my eye, his head turned and he stood dumbfounded.

"i'm sorry that it ended like this."

the words slipped as the sound of my boots clicked the marble floor, taylor blurring from my sight.

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