Team 7

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Age 26                                             Naruto age 12

Two years have gone by since Iruka and Naruto began to create a bond and now it was a constant thing for Iruka to treat Naruto to ramen. He had become a Genin after an incident with Mizuki. I was proud of him for becoming a Genin and Kakashi was now a sensei and was expecting a team. I knew what he was like as a sensei and hardly passed anyone. This was because they didn't understand the meaning of his test. The bell test that was taught to us by Minato back when we were their age. He used that to test their team work and not a lot of people realised this. However, I had a feeling that Naruto's team would pass. I wasn't a sensei so I still had time at home and missions to do as an ANBU, however I had been invited by Kakashi to come and meet his team with him. Well I say invited..... more like I was coming anyway due to having to force Kakashi out of the door to meet them. He was still lazy and wasn't ever on time unless he had a time to meet me. He picked this up from Obito and knew that if he was late when meeting me, then he would have a lot of explaining to do as well as a kick to the head from me. I didn't tolerate lateness and he knew it.

Naruto was at the academy at the present time and I was on my way to fetch Kakashi. He needed to get a move on. Knocking on his door, I let myself in as I had a key that he'd given me when we started going out. Walking upstairs, I found him laying on his bed reading a book from the Icha Icha series. I let out a sigh and leapt over to him, landing on the bed above him and snatching the book away from him. He stared up at me annoyed before pulling me so I ended up on the bed beside him.
"You're meant to be meeting the children in a minute." I frowned. "You're going to be late, as per usual." He chuckled and pulled his mask off, leaning over to cover my lips with his own. I went to protest but his kisses intoxicated me. Kissing him back, I felt him smile against my lips before making the kiss become deeper and more heated. He rolled on top of me and held himself up using his arms while he sat between my legs. Moaning, I went to pull away but found that I couldn't. That was until I imagined Naruto's disappointed face if it was his sensei that turned up late. Suddenly determined, I twisted us around so I straddled him and pulled away. "I don't think so. You are going and that is it." He sighed and rolled his eyes, pulling a pillow over his face. "Kakashi!" I scolded.
"Fine. Let me have a shower first, you've gotten me hot." He winked, shuffling so I was pressed against his..... little friend. Little being an optional word as that was not what he was at all. I rolled my eyes and pushed off of him, walking downstairs to wait for him. When I heard the shower turn on, I left him alone for a few minutes before turning on the kitchen tap downstairs. I heard a yell of shock before the shower stopped and footsteps clamber out of the bathroom. Chuckling, I turned off the tap and smirked as I stared up the stairs. That made him hurry up. He came sulking down the stairs, a frown beneath his mask. Laughing, I began walking out of the house.
"You're fault." I taunted, strolling out of the house and down the road. He came down behind me and I smirked, loving how I could make him do what I wanted.

Arriving at the academy, he told me to wait on the roof which was where he was going to tell the team to go. Heading straight there, he went straight to the classroom where he was supposed to meet his team. He was late after all...... He appeared soon after with a frown on his face and chalk in his hair. What on earth. Laughing, I went over and dusted it out of his gravity defying hair. Sensing others coming towards us, I recognised their chakra and smiled. This would be good. Jumping up onto the branch of a tree on the roof, I stayed there and concealed my chakra so they wouldn't notice I was here. Kakashi rolled my eyes at my attempt at hiding myself. Three kids burst out of the door before sitting down on the steps while Kakashi leant against the railing. Naruto noticed Kakashi and gaped.
"You're my sensei?!" He exclaimed in shock. Kakashi nodded in response and sighed.
"Introduce yourselves. Your likes, dislikes, your dreams and hobbies." Kakashi stated.
"Hey, hey. Why don't you introduce yourself first sensei?" Naruto suggested, even though he knew who Kakashi was.
"I'm Kakashi Hatake. I have no intention telling you my likes and dislikes. As for my dream..... I have few hobbies." He informed them half assed. Laughing to myself quietly, I heard the pink haired girl comment how they only found out his name.
"I'm Naruto Uzumaki. I like cup ramen. But I like the ramen at Ichiraku that Iruka-sensei and Katsu-nee bought for me even more. I hate the three minutes that I have to wait after I put in the hot water. My hobby is to eat and compare cup ramen! And my dream is to become greater than the Hokages! I'm going to make all the villagers recognise my existence." Naruto grinned, playing with his forehead protector.
"I'm Sakura Haruno!" The cheerful pink haired girl exclaimed. "I like..... well the person I like is....." She glanced at Sasuke. "And my hobby is...... well, my dream is....." Another glance with a squeal. Oh God.... She was a fangirl.
"And? What do you hate?" Kakashi asked, not caring about her crush.
"Naruto." She stated grumpily. Naruto looked crushed while I chuckled.
"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. There are many things I hate, and there aren't a lot of things I like. Also, I have an ambition that I have no intention to leave as just a dream. The revival of my clan, and...... to kill a certain man." People were shocked by Sasuke's introduction while I frowned. He seemed obsessed with the idea of killing Itachi.
"Alright, you three all have unique personalities. I like that." Kakashi concluded. "We're going to begin a mission starting tomorrow." He began telling them everything while I zoned out because I knew what it was going to be. His famous test that failed many. The bell test we'd learnt from Minato while he learnt it from Jiraiya who learnt it from the Third Hokage. Zoning back in, I noticed people were about to leave. Choosing that moment, I hopped down from the tree silently and landed in front of them all. They all jumped back and gasped while Sasuke pulled out a kunai before realising who I was.
"Katsu-nee?!" Naruto exclaimed while Sasuke murmured the same words. Naruto ran towards me and came to a stop with a grin on his face. "What are you doing here?"
"Kakashi asked me to come see you guys. I was surprised to learn he's your sensei." I smiled, glancing over them all. Sasuke was pretending to not be interested but I could see his eyes glance over every so often. I smirked when I met his eyes causing him to look away. Sakura was staring at my large chest with a jealous expression on her face which caused me to chuckle.
"Katsu-nee?" She mumbled seeming to be mulling something over in her head before her eyes widened and she gasped. "You're that Katsu-nee?!" I stared at her with a raised eyebrow, wondering what she was on about.
"Um...... Yes?" I laughed awkwardly, watching as her eyes began to sparkle with awe and excitement as well as interest and curiosity.
"You're the ANBU who was trained by the Fourth and became Naruto's parental figure! Also you were there to save Sasuke on that night." She emphasised 'that' to make it obvious what she meant without using the word 'slaughter' or bringing up Sasuke's Clan. I nodded and gave her a smile in return. "You are amazing! There's so much mystery to your past!" She fangirled. Seems like Sasuke and I had a fangirl...... "All of us girls love you because you're the strongest Kunoichi."
"Um.... Well, I'm flattered." I wasn't sure how to feel about this. Yes I was the strongest kunoichi, but I was also the most feared due to my dangerous nature when it came to defending Naruto. "I gotta go..... Nice meeting you all. Come see me sometime or whatever." My eyes went to Sasuke and he knew it. He frowned and turned away, beginning to walk away and leave us all. Sighing, I ruffled Naruto's hair, waved to Sakura then jumped from the building to run along the top of the rooftops. Well that was interesting........

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