What I Want Is Not What I Need

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I can talk and sing and draw,
I always draw the short straw.
Yet, even if I should,
I never do,
Why is it that they never notice me?

Why do I have to suffer if I,
I, myself do everything right?
I do it all even,
Even if things get up close and tight.

Is it a problem in me,
In me or in them,
Them who cannot see,
Who cannot see what I am trying to be?

Why am I not good enough,
Enough to be the one,
The one noticed by others,
By others to blind to see,
To see the real me?

Is it really that hard,
That hard to fit,
For a light around me
To be lit?

I just want to get noticed,
To get noticed, that's all.
That's all that I want
But not what I need,
I need everyone to see,
To see the real me..


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