Feelings (Luke Skywalker x Reader)

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"Hey, Y/N," Luke walked into the room with grin plastered on his face.

"What do you want, Skywalker? I'm busy," you said, picking idly at a loose thread in your jacket.

"But you don't look busy," he pressed.
You rolled your eyes and continued what you were doing.


"What?!" You shouted at him. He jumped in surprise and you smirked.

"I-I-um, I just came to ask if you could help me carry these into the storage hold," he gestured to two large bags of metal parts.

You sighed, standing up, "Fine."

He smiled, "Thanks, Y/N. Here, take this one, it's lighter–"

You ignored him and took the bag he wasn't pointing at. You struggled to stifle a groan when you lifted it.

"Y/N, please," Luke said to you patiently, "Let me carry that one instead," offering you the original bag once more.

You tried to seem reluctant as you swapped with him, but you were secretly more thankful than ever.

You trudged along the hallway beside him.

"So...what's been happening?" Luke asked you cheerfully.


"Oh, come on, Y/N! Surely you've done something since I last saw–"

"–Nope," you cut him off.

He sighed and stopped talking. You both walked in silence until you reached the dark stairway.

Luke stepped down before offering a hand to you. You took it quickly, not wanting to risk a fall down the narrow staircase.

As you reached the bottom, you spoke, "You can let go of me now, Luke."
He looked down at your entwined hands, "Oh right, sorry..."

Luke held the heavy metal door open for you and you slipped in, he followed behind you.

You heard the door slam shut and you gasped at the noise.

"Y/N? Are you okay," You heard Luke's voice say. It was too dark to see anything.

"I'm fine, it's just so dark in here."
You could hear Luke fumbling around for something, finally he produced a torch and turned it on. He set it on the floor.

You turned around to face him, startled at how close he was to you.

Now that you could see him better, you noticed there wasn't as much space in here. As you looked around, you groaned, "Luke this is a broom cupboard."

"I could've sworn this was the right stairwell," he mumbled as he tried opening the door, "Uh..." he ran a hand through his hair nervously, "it's... locked."

"Locked? What do you mean locked?"
You said, shaking the handle furiously.

"Y/N, please stop. You're going to hurt yourself."

You turned around, leaning against the door, "Great, now I'm stuck in here with you," you groaned.

Luke looked at you sadly, "What did I do to make you hate me, Y/N?"


"I'm mean, I'm nothing but nice to you, and you treat me horribly for it."

"No, it's not that, I guess I just, um–" you trailed off, feeling guilty now.

All of a sudden you felt his hand on your cheek, "I really care about you, Y/N," he whispered, your mouths were just millimetres apart.

You closed your eyes, trying to ignore the thoughts in your head telling you that this felt right.

You felt his lips press against yours, he put his other hand on your cheek.
When he moved away from you, you stared at him wide eyed.

He waited for you to catch your breath, smiling.

"I think I'm in love with you," you blurted out, cursing yourself immediately after.

"I know," Luke laughed before kissing you again.

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