Across Campus

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Hey guys! Welcome to book three in the Chase series! (Yes, that's what I'm calling them at the moment!)
Cover by the amazing CaptainSwan97!

Okay, so this is the sequel to Chasing Chase, which is the sequel to Living with Chase. Therefore, this is the third book, right? BUT, you don't have to read those to in order to get this one, if you know what I mean. You can read this one, but things will probably be spoiled, you have been warned! :-)

Anyways, enjoy!

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Across Campus

"Across the campus there's this boy I know, his name is Chase. He's eighteen. He's a painter. He's my boyfriend, and I'm completely and utterly in love with him." I pause, my fingers hovering over the keyboard. I read my words aloud as I type them. "Some people say that you only fall in love once, but with him, every time I see him...I fall in love all over again."

My bottom lip rolls into my mouth, and I catch it with my teeth, biting it. Writers block sucked. "Feelings, Harley, you need to learn how to convey feelings into your writing."

Writing hadn't always been my career choice. I liked writing, sure. I did it on the side - writing crazy fan fictions, and little tales. Soon though, when filling out my college application, I decided to pursue it.

It's not as easy as you'd think. My creative writing teacher, Mr Gold, liked my writing. He said it was 'good'. It just lacked feelings.

Feelings. You'd think after everything I'd be good at feeling. "Things haven't always been easy between Chase and me. He's my brothers best friend, and not to mention he used to be a total jerk. He used to hide my stuff from me, mainly my books, or he'd make me give in my main homework. Minor things sure, but it used to annoy me."

I clench my teeth. "No! No! No!" I scream aloud. "Stupid thing!" I push away from my laptop, stand up, and march into the living room.

"Can't write anything?" Nate asks, lifting his eyes to mine. I sigh, and walk over and slop down next to him. Jellybean, who is lying on his lap, moves onto mine. I pet his head, and immediately feel myself calm down.

"No," I reply. "Well, I can. It's just not good. It's boring. Utter rubbish."

Nate pats my knee, and gives me a sympathetic smile. "You need to stop stressing."

"I can't," I sigh, ticking Jellybeans belly. "Mr Gold is expecting something from me...something good. What I have now, isn't good. And I need good, Nate."

"Harley," Nate says, and turns to face me. "Look, you're great at writing, OK? The perfect thing just hasn't come to you yet, and that's OK. But you need to stop stressing out, it's not going to come if you can't let it fall perfectly into place," he says, with a smile. "And anyways, you write for yourself - not for others. You always have. Don't change that now."

"Thanks, Nate." I lean over and hug him. Jellybean squirms, and I giggle as one of his paws hits Nate in the lower gut.

"Well," Nate breathes, "I guess it's better than him peeing on me."

I laugh. Nate scowls, but I can see the humour in his eyes too. "Don't mention Jellybean peeing on Chase, he hates it. I actually think I might make Chase keep Jellybean for a night..."

Nate grins. "That'd be funny."

"It would," I nod. "Talking about Chase, where is he?"

Nate squirms and picks Jellybean up, suddenly becoming interested in stroking him. "I don't know," he says, "Somewhere with Asher. Who knows? They could be anywhere."

My eyes narrow. "What are you all keeping from me?"

"Nothing!" Nate exclaims. "And oh, would you look at that! It's seven! Better get going, come on Jellybean." Jellybean scampers over to Nate, sits down and waits for him to put the lead on. I narrow my eyes at him, but sigh and let it drop. I will get it out of him some other time.

"I still can't believe your baby sitting my dog," I murmur, bending down, giving Jellybean a light kiss on the head. "Stupid college campus, not letting dogs living in dorms."

Nate laughs, and straps the lead to Jellybeans collar. "Chill, Harley, it's not that bad. We're five, give or take a few, minutes away from campus. You can walk to see him."

I snort. "I don't like the idea of walking."

He laughs, rolls his eyes, and picks up Jellybean. "I'll see you later, okay?"

I nod, and hug my dog, and Nate, goodbye.

"Don't forget to feed him!" I shout as the door slams shut behind Nate.


When I wake up, I wake with one hell of a back ache. I fell asleep on the sofa, my notebook and pen laying on me, and a blanket tightly wrapped around my feet for warmth. Chase finds me like this, and he decides to wake me by moving me to bed.

"Hey," I murmur, as he sets me down. "I didn't hear you come in."

"That's because you were sound asleep on the sofa," he says. I feel him pull of my socks, and I lift my feet up, making it easier for him. "Jeans?"

"No," I mutter, and turn my face into my pillow, and sigh. I've hardly gotten any sleep this week, since I've been working so god damn hard on that writing of mine. All I wanted was sleep.

Chase reaches the end of my jeans, and he begins to tug them off. When they're gone, he slides a pair of shorts on, and gets in next to me.

"How did you get in here anyways? You don't have a key and Nate's at home."

"Oh, I went and saw Nate after work anyways, say hi to Jellybean, and he gave me his key," he explains, "I tried to call you, to tell you I was coming over, but you were asleep."

"You don't need to call," I say, and roll on to my side, hugging him. "You can come here whenever you want, you know that. I have no roommate to bug me about my boyfriend annoying her, so it's all good," I murmur.

"Yeah," he laughs, "Apart from the fact that this college doesn't like girls and boys to share rooms, or be in them at a certain time."

I grin slightly. "Well it's a good thing that you're such a bad boy, and don't do what your told."

"Totally," he says, laughing again. It goes quiet for a moment; the only sound in the room is the sound of Chase and me breathing. Finally though, figuring we're both not falling asleep, he rolls to his side, and looks me in the eyes.

"So how's the writing going?"

Immediately, I groan. "Don't even go there." I say. Changing the subject, I ask him, "How was your day?" I wonder if he's going to say anything that'd give me a clue to what they're all hiding from me.

"Fine," he says, "Nearly dropped a spanner on my foot, but it was fine," he smiles. I smile back at him. Chase had taken to working in a mechanics shop. It gave him something to do in-between all of his classes, plus it paid well - he didn't have to always rely on his parents for money.

Grinning, I say, "Well, it's good that you didn't drop it then, isn't it? Because I would certainly not be kissing your foot better."

"Meanie," Chase teases, flicking the end of my nose.

"Whatever," I dismiss, shifting around, getting more comfortable. "Go to sleep we have class early in the morning."

He chuckles. "Night, Harley."

"Night, Chase," I mumble, already feeling sleeps claws grip into me. "I love you."

"I love you, too," he says, burying his head into my neck, getting comfortable.

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