Chapter. 4

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Logan's Point of View:

I brought Connor to the pack house and told him to stay put while I went to get some clothes for the both of us. I shifted back into my human form and ran up the steps to my room, I found a pair of dark blue jeans, a white shirt and a pair of shoes and changed.
I found some similar clothes and brought the outside to Connor, he picked up his head when he saw me and walked over to me, I handed him clothes and he bolted to the side of the house. He came back walking slowly, until he was a few feet away from me, he looked hot in my clothes and I felt a low growled come from my chest, out of habit he snapped his blue eyes to my ice blue ones.

"Hi Kitten." I said walking close to him and the more I moved he would step back, and he whimpered when his back hit the tree.

"Hi.. Alpha." He stuttered.

I notice a little bit of blush on his cheeks trying not to look in my eyes. He is cute when he he's nervous, I chuckled a little and he looked scared when I put my arms on either side of him, and his breathing picked up.

"Remember, when we're alone I'm not your Alpha." I said, watching him drop his head.

"What's Wrong Kitten?" I asked smiling bending down to his height.

"Are we really Mates Logan?" He asked looking up at me through his lashes.

"Yes, don't you feel it Kitten." I said taking my hand off and put it on his cheek. I felt the sparks and I knew he did too because he shivered, he gasped as I ran my thumb over his bottom lip.

"I feel it." He said smiling at me.

"So your not going to reject me Connor?" I asked stroking his cheek, and leaning our heads together.

"No, I couldn't if I wanted to." He said closing his eyes. "What do you mean Kitten?" I asked dropping my arms.

"Because I always thought you looked good, even before we were Mates." He said blushing, opening his eyes to look me.

"It's getting dark, I'll see you tomorrow morning before school Kitten." I said turning around, walking inside to the pack house. Heading upstairs to my room changing into only my boxers and laying down, I wish Connor was here in my arms.

Connor's Point of View:

I watched as he walked into the pack house, leaving me missing his touch, I shrugged it off and walked to my house. I went through the door to find my parents and sister sitting at the table all looking worried snapping there heads when they saw me.

Katie ran to me throwing her arms around my neck squeezing me tight and when she was done my mom came over and hugged me tight, I felt my mom's tears on my chest.

"What's going on?" I asked confused backing from the hug of my mom. Not looking at my dad who is standing close by me.

"You've been gone for the whole day, we've been worried sick." Katie said angry glaring at me.

"Well, I'm home now." I said raising my arms and dropping them.

"Where were you Connor?" My father asked looking at me.

"With Alpha Logan." I said dropping my head to look at the floor.

"Why were you with him Connor?" He asked glaring at me.

"He taught me how to shift." I said quietly. "Why would he do that Connor Ross?" He growled, lifting my face so I could face him. I heard mom talk to Katie getting her out of the room and they left me and my father holding me against my own will.

"Because.. we're. Mates." I cried as he smacked me. "I don't believe you Connor, none will ever want to be your Mate!" He growled pushing me against the wall.

Ripping his belt off and hitting my back with all of his strength, I cried out each time until pushed me up the stairs and locked me in my room. My back stung as I slowly took off my shirt.
I winced and went to my window and looked down, it's not bad of a jump, so I jumped out of my window to the only place that thought would be safe. The pack house, I walked around it until I smelled Logan's scent through his window, I whimpered as the wind blew through my cuts.

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