Chapter One

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I wrote this story 8 years ago (or started it then) and only finished it in 2019 as I went MIA due to school/uni and full time work. I'm in the process of re-writing parts, fixing up characters and then will be publishing it (for every cheap). So if you're reading this and can see this author's note it means I'm still editing so please bear with me whilst I fix this. (Apr 2020).  Love you all and I hope you enjoy this book, as well as the new completed one that will be published. xx

The Royal Family, Her Royal Highness, I could go on, but really who could be bothered?

Sure we were all happy for them but personally I would hate to be them. The cameras, the photos, the public appearances, I mean really, can you be bothered? By the way things seemed, it appeared you had to be beautiful even when  you slept and I knew for a fact, when I slept, even giants would be ashamed. 

Wouldn't you hate having your whole life planned out from even before you were born, from your name to your school to who you would potentially marry? I mean imagined asking your parents "Mummy how was I born?" and instead of saying, oh yes honey, you were made with love, the answer was.

We conceived you so the future heir had someone to marry. To breed you like a race horse.

Yea apparently no one else thinks like me, and the rest of the country had awaited the grand arrival of the baby centuries ago and it still happens, which was stupid. It was a baby, being pushed out of a vagina, I was trying really hard to look at the more joyful aspects right now. 

I was probably not even born when the most recent of prince's was given birth to, now aged twenty-six and dashing, or so they say, he was a good catch. What was he a fish?

Well thankfully, I hated seafood. 

The saying downright was stupid, especially because no one had that cchance to "catch" him, and the reason why was pretty simple. Just like his name, school, and what clothes he was going to wear, his wife or future wife I must say, was planned from the day his father's sperm met his mother's egg.

Which I found quite...disturbing. 

And you would expect a woman brought with the utmost manners and elegance, the perfect queen to be, with knowledge like an owl, beauty like a godess and the stealth of a snake. 

Yeah no.

Because the honor went to the girl in the peach gown in front of me, and she had nothing of that, nothing at all, well maybe some manners in public since her ands were neatly folded in her lap. 

Catherina Souvelietta Mary Jones, a girl who you must called by all her names to gather her royal stuck arse's attention.

But for me, it was Miss Jones as I was, drum roll for a commoner, her bodyguard. That and I really could not be wasting my valuable breathe just to tell her, her car was here. I had more important things to do, like making sure she didn't get killed.

Even thought I wanted to kill her myself in the past three months I had started to guard her. 

There were numerous times I had scoffed when I had found out that she was born just for the heir, she was created for the heir, she had no other purpose but to marry and breed for the heir.


Wasn't that making her more of an object than a human?

It was even worse that she was brought up in near isolation, no contact with the prince so when they met, it was like love at first sight.

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