My life as the Mafia Boss's Mistress

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My life as the Mafia Boss’s Mistress

I opened the door of the cinema where I worked part-time at, and stepped out while telling the others “See you tomorrow”.  The cold breeze hit my face and I pulled my purple scarf nearer to my face.  The street which leaded to my house were sparsely lightened.

Yay, perfect situation to become paranoid, I thought and turned around to see... nobody behind me. “Thanks god” I whispered and sighed out. I continued walking when suddenly a hand reached my mouth out of the nowhere.  It scared me to death when a deep male voice whispered into my ear “Pssst, don’t scream I won’t do anything to you. I just need your help. ” 

What’s going on? Is this bastard going to rape me or what? These questions crossed my mind and I was thinking about my old lessons in self defense, but my mind went blank due to the fear.

I gulped, closed my eyes and nodded scared. The person behind me removed his hand off my mouth and turned me to his face. “If somebody asks you something, just play the act along.”, the guy told me and I nodded with my eyes still closed.

From behind I heard footsteps coming nearer and nearer. And with each footstep my heart pounded faster and faster, but when I felt this guys lips against mine my heart skipped a beat. “Did you guys just saw a guy passing by?” some other male voice asked.

What the hell? Did they search for him? Was this a gang quarrel? No way in hell, how the hell did I get myself into this, I thought. But my thoughts got interrupted when my kissing partner reminded me to play along.

Maybe I should tell them that this is the person they’re searching for? Well, maybe I’ll get out of this dilemma without any harm, I thought but nether less decided not to risk it and helped the stranger.

I took a deep breath and all my courage to answer with a shaky voice “No, we didn’t see anybody. But you know, we’re a bit occupied” The guys who were standing behind us smirked and one of them told us to continue and have fun.

“Hello? Could you please come back, this guy is here? Please don’t tell me you believed my act?!” my mind shouted out, but my voice remained dumb. I sighed out but remained scared. The guy was standing in front of me and somehow he wouldn’t go away. I took all of my remained voice and said “Well, I helped you out, so could you let me go now? I beg you”

But instead of going away or threaten me again, the guy collapsed in front of me. Well, honey, this is your chance to run, I though and wanted to flee, but somehow I couldn’t.

Great timing to pity somebody sweetheart!

I keeled down in front of him and asked him if everything was okay, but then I saw that he was wounded himself. And it wasn’t a small wound, cause his whole shirt was full of blood. I couldn’t let him die there, and even though he threatened me, he still remained human. I lifted him up and dragged him with me. “Come on, we have to hurry up, what if those bastards come back?” I said and frowned at myself. Why the hell did I take him home again? Oh yea, I had to play the merciful Samaritan, right!

I opened the door of my apartment and nearly collapsed on the floor together with the guy. “Oh oh, hey, pull yourself together you wanna-be-gangster” I said and dragged him to the couch.  When I switched the lights on my eyes nearly popped out. Okay, this guy was damn handsome.

The strands of his black hair were hanging down and nearly falling into his hazelnut brown eyes that were looking painfully down to the wound. I shook my head and went to the bath room to get the first aid kid. When I came back I kneeled down and wanted to disinfect the wound. “Uhm would you mind taking your shirt off, so I can treat your wound?” I asked and looked at him. He nodded and took his grey shirt slowly off. “Hm…nice body” I thought and blushed. I took the pincer and the cotton wool and dropped some disinfectant on it.

When the cotton wool touched his wound he gasped and I had to smile at the thought of a gangster crying out, just because of a wound.  When I finished bandaging the wound I stood up and brought him a shirt of my father.

“Uhm where are your parents? Are you all alone?” he asked me all of a sudden. I nodded sadly and told him the story about my father’s leaving and my mother’s death due to a brain tumor. He excused himself, but didn’t find another topic to change into.

He broke the awkward silence by standing up, smirking and looking at me. “Why did you help me? I mean, I threaten you” he asked me curiously. That’s a good question dude, I thought, turned around to the kitchen counter and prepared some tea while answering: “I honestly don’t know. Take it as some kind of merciful Samaritan or just as a crazy action”

  I heard him coming nearer and suddenly my heart started again to beat faster. I turned around and looked into his hazelnut eyes. From the nearer perspective he looked even more handsome, which made me blush again. “Hell no! I can’t blush in front of a gangster, instead I should try to get him out of this house” I thought and wanted to say something, but my voice won’t come out.

He came nearer and smiled at me until he was just a few centimeters away from me. “Thanks for saving me”. I nodded and replied “You’re welcome” .

Bu instead of going away he came nearer and suddenly kissed me, AGAIN! But this time it wasn’t a forceful kiss, no, it was a really gentle kiss, full of passion. I didn’t know why I was doing this. I just knew I enjoyed it. And I enjoyed it too, when he began to kiss my neck. 

“Why don’t you stop already? Or do you want your first time being taken by a stranger?” my mind asked me. But I ignored my conscience and let the guy kiss my neck. His lips moved forward to my chest and his hands were already touching my tights, when I stunned a “No”. But it was barely hearable so he continued. I couldn’t suppress a moan when his hands entered my pants.

Why the hell did I want more? I was still a virgin, but it didn’t bother me that a stranger had his hands in my pants. No, it was exactly the opposite. My body wanted him.

And after some time I couldn’t take it anymore, started trembling and in the end climaxed. “I won’t do anymore, so you don’t have to be afraid” he whispered into my ear and put his hands out of me.

I collapsed in front of him, breathing fast and not realizing what happened with my body. “You’re so cute” he said, kissed my cheek and licked his fingers, which made me blush even more. He smiles at me and stroke my cheek, which made me smile. But due to the exhaustion I fell asleep. 

The next day I woke up in my bed, wondering if all the things I remembered were just a dream. I stood up and went into the bathroom to shower. When I came out of the shower I looked into the mirror and asked myself if the girl with the shoulder length brown-reddish hair could have done such a thing with a stranger. The look at the mirror proved me that I could. Between my neck and my chest there was a dark red hickey.  When I touched the love mark I closed my eyes and recalled the memories of last night. Yeah, I kissed a stranger, and not only that, I felt the most pleasure in my life when he did that to me.

I wanted to think more about this guy, whose name I didn’t even know, but my clock told me that I was running late for school. I put some jeans on and a T-shirt with a grey cardigan. I passed the kitchen and blushed when I saw the kitchen counter.  But I had no time to think about lasts night events and headed out to school.

The day went by pretty normal. The teachers were annoying like always and the time wasn’t passing like always. After school I had to go to work and as I stepped out of the school building I wondered if I would see the stranger today too.

But instead of him another man was standing in front of the cinema. He had mysterious blue grayish eyes which were looking directly through me. “Are you Haily Ansten?”  Okay, from where the hell did this guy know my name?

I nodded and asked “Why?” skeptically. He smirked at me and told me to come with him but I resisted and told him, that I had to work. Somehow this guy was creeping my out and I wanted to cry out, but suddenly he put some wipe on my nose and mouth. I didn’t realize what he was doing, until I felt sleepy and lost conscience.

So how do you like this story? I came up with the idea in the middle of the night o.O yeah, I’m a freak! ^^



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