7.8. Fatal Fall

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Chapter 7.8 Fatal Fall


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Shehry's POV

"Hello Aunty! Uh, wo I wanted to ask if Haya is there at home? She isn't picking my call?" I asked over the phone.

"Oh beta! didn't she tell you? she has gone to attend some party with her friends" she informed me.


"oh ji Aunty! She told me bus wo zehen se nikal gaya tha. Thanks" I quickly hung up and almost threw my phone on the bed when the door flung open and Waqas marched in.

"Woa woa!! easy there boy! What happened?" he asked cautiously looking at me up and down.

"Why do girls never understand us? Why don't they even listen to what we say?" I rake my fingers through my hair.

"Is it that noodle head girl?" Waqas asked and I nodded.

"hazar bar mana kiya tha k na jae us wahiyat party mein. You know these beach parties, how they are"

"oho! Shehry she is mature girl who can clearly decide what is best and worst for her. chill ker tu"

"mein pagal nai hoon k bekar mein gala pharr raha hoon. She herself told me about her professor, there is something weird about him, about his character. And here she is... attending the party he has thrown" I explained, I was getting angrier with every passing minute.

"why would she do that, then?" Waqas frowned.

"we had a fight yesterday, bus us ka gussa nikal rai hea. mein ne mana kiya tha k na jaye ub to lazmi jana tha madam ne" I shook my head disapprovingly and Waqas chuckled.

"Boy! Don't tell me you have seriously started feeling something for her?" he smirked raising his brow and I rolled my eyes.

"ek lerkey or lerki k beech bus woi ek feeling ho ye zaroori nai. I respect her." I retorted honestly and he smiled nodding his head.

Hussain's POV

I was waiting for the doctor to come out from the CCU. We came straight to the hospital as got the news of Sultan Uncle's plane catching fire soon after it landed in Islamabad. 

Tehreem was in the waiting area with attendants of other patients.  

"How is he doctor?" I asked the doctor who came out from the unit and was rushing towards somewhere.

He halted in his track only to glance at me and then his expressions got stiff. "We are trying our best but I don't think he has much time left"

My heart stopped beating and felt he rested his palm over my shoulder. "you can see him" he gestured towards the CCU before leaving me there standing like a stone statue. I couldn't believe what he just said.

With heavy feet I headed towards the door, my heart felt sore trembling in fear and pain refusing to step inside.

Pushing the door a little back I peeked in; it was dark inside finding me there a nurse hurried towards me.

"yes please?"

"I – I want...." I pointed inside, I was short of words.

"You patient's name?" she asked and I gulped down.

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