The Manor; chapter 2

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"We're going to pray," Dr. Richard Stewart announced. Amber raised an eyebrow. Pray? She wondered. For real? Dr. Stewart looked at her. 

"Amber, would you like to do the honors?" he asked. It wasn't really much of a request though. More of a demand.  

"No," she answered stubbornly.  

"It wasn't a question, my dear," he said mildly. She bristled at the endearment. He didn't know her. He didn't know what she had been through! He had no right to demand she pray to such an unforgiving god. If he even existed. Which she doubted. 

"I don't care," Amber snapped back. 

"You promised to abide by our rules," he reminded her. "We pray at this table." She raised her eyebrows, but relented. In her way. 

"Dear god. If you exist, you can go fuck yourself and take back your damn food. I don't want it. I. Only. Want. Hunter." With that she shoved away from the table and stomped off to the extensive backyard, the numb feeling she'd had wearing off. Hunter had always called her "my dear."

Lisa Fuller

She watched the pretty dark haired girl shove off from the table with some surprise. Amber, as Lisa remembered her name was, had seemed so composed earlier. Or perhaps it was that she seemed to not care about anything. That was it. She didn't care. Much like Lisa. She didn't care anymore either.  

"Well everyone, do dig in," Richard Stewart invited them. "Ruby is an excellent cook. I promise you won't be disappointed." Those two twins hesitantly made a grab for the food, but no one else did. Lisa found her eyes returning to the girls. They were the exact opposite of her and she found envy welling up. Perhaps if she had looked like them, someone would have noticed. Maybe even cared. 

Because they looked like angels. Tall, slender angels with long, gold blonde hair, blue eyes, skin like milk and perfect, classic features. Lisa, on the other hand, was just average height, more on the too-skinny side with wild red hair, freckles, plain brown eyes, and a delicate, pixyish face. She had always wanted to look more like those girls. Girls like them always got noticed. People noticed when beautiful people like them were having problems. 

"Would you like some?" one of the girls asked her politely. Lisa took the bowl from her and her sleeve slipped up, revealing five neat scars. The girl lingered for a moment handing her the bowl and looked at them, her eyebrows pulling together. Lisa tugged the bowl away and her sleeve down. No one knew why she was here, and no one was going to. Her past was not something she shared. 

"Thanks," Lisa muttered and took some of the rice. A little bit of the food ended up on her plate, but she didn't eat. She felt nauseous as it was, having seen the scars again. Not only did she want to hide them from other people, but from herself. Yet even at that moment, she felt a horrible compulsion to pick up the knife in front of her and make a small, neat cut. Let out some of the memories for a moment in that flash of numbing pain. 

"As most of us are here I'll lay down the one ground rule we have here now," Dr. Richard announced, shocking Lisa from her meditative state. "You must stay away from whatever your addiction. Jade, Ebony, this rule obviously does not apply to you unless you are hiding something." Both girls shook their heads. 

"As for the rest of you, no drugs, no sex, no alcohol, no knives, you must eat at every meal and cannot go throw it up again. I won't mention names with the problem, though I'm sure you'll all know eventually. If you're caught with any of those things, we'll deal with it then." Lisa had felt herself flush at the word knife and realized the girl sitting next to her had noticed. She was either Ebony or Jade. No matter, Lisa didn't plan on being here long as it was. Her problem wasn't that bad. She may have had scars, but it wasn't like she ever cut enough to kill. Unfortunately, she didn't have the guts.

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