Chapter 38

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It was sunday today and i was just having a lazy day.

I got up from my bed and had a shower and got dressed. (Outfit on side)
When I was done I went downstairs to the kitchen to see Carlos.

"Morning" I said and sat down on a stool.

"Morning Rose" Carlos said

" I'm going out with the guys today. Do you want to come" he asked and I shook my head

"No I'm just going to stay inside" I said and he nodded

I went upstairs to my room and laid in bed with my phone. I had 5 missed calls from jess and she was just calling now. I picked it up.

Jess: Liya How come you didn't pick up. I found out about your accident and i'm so sorry that I didn't call before but my phone was broken and then I had to get fixed and I called your mom on my mom's phone but she was in Paris so I went to the shop and got my phone back and called you straight away. How are you Liya

Me: woah jess calm down. Take a deep breath. You talk so fast. Anyways I'm okay. I just have amnesia

Jess: amnesia. OMG that's memory loss right?

Me: *laughs* yeh

Jess: but you remember me right. Don't forget me okay. I'm your best friend

Me: jess I haven't forgotten you. Your so dramatic. The only thing I remember is going to New York and going to school. I don't remember anything after that.

Jess: oh shit really.

Me: Yeh. I can't even remember Carlos or that I dated Jake again

Jess: who is Carlos and bitch you dated Jake again. I'm your best friend and you didn't tell me

Me: if I didn't tell you about Carlos then that means he isn't my boyfriend right. I mean I tell you everything right. And dating Jake that I don't believe at all.

Jess: Yeh thats true anyways I need to go mom's calling me. Byee

Me: bye I said and hung up.

If I didn't tell jess about Carlos then does it mean I didn't date carlos. I thought and sighed

I completed my homework and helped Megan with the food and then had an early night and went to sleep.
Hey guys
Hope you like this chapter
Sorry for any mistakes

So she doesn't believe that she dated carlos. Liya please remember we want carli back again.

And I know its a short chapter. Sorry about that.


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