Beth watched Rick as he stood over the mound of dirt where Lori lay, eternally sleeping. She knew that Rick went out there every morning and knew he stayed there for hours before gathering his senses and returning to the group.

She placed her father's bible to the side after reading earlier that morning and tied her hair up in a ponytail behind her head. Beth stood and opened the heavy cell door; she was feeling weak that morning.

Her hands pushed open the door to the yard where Rick was. She could see him and sadness filled her heart. Had she not mourned the loss of Lori as Rick had done for the past few months?


Beth walked up beside him and he turned to see her. She took his hand in hers as a friendly and supportive gesture. "There's a quote in the bible about death and love by Matthew 5:4. It says: God blesses those who grieve. They will find comfort," she said softly to the man. Rick nodded. "I know you think you're marriage was ruined by the lack of love in your relationship, but it wasn't. Frierich Nietzsche said that it is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes an unhappy marriage," she said, squeezing the older man's hand. "You and Lori... If for not this, whatever this is, I would have hoped to have a relationship like yours. I know I was with Jimmy, but we weren't in love like you."

There was a brief silence between the two and Rick released her hand. "I should go, but thankyou, Beth, you're very kind," he said, kissing her forehead. Beth smiled at him comfortingly as he walked off. She could tell he still had something on his mind but she felt better for talking to him.

"Beth," Hershel said behind her. She turned to see her father making his way towards her, "Daddy, your bible's in my cell," she told him. Hershel shook his head, "Daryl wants you to go on a run with him and Glenn, I told Rick you have no intention of going."

"Daddy," she said, "Daryl's good. He'll take care of me." Hershel scoffed beneath his beard, "Like he did when you went out hunting with him? I gave my consent and you both abused that." Beth stepped back, "But he saved me, daddy! I was fine because Daryl was there," she pleaded, blinking her angel blue eyes innocently.

Hershel shook his head, "You aren't going, that's the end of this conversation." Beth stood back, "But Maggie gets to go, why can't I?" she asked. Hershel looked at her, "What happened to your mother and Shawn, I can't lose you like that," he said softly.

"You won't, I'm more careful and I have Glenn and Daryl to take care of me. I can shoot and I can defend myself, daddy. I ain't a useless little girl anymore, I'm almost eighteen!" Hershel shook his head, "You aren't going, you don't have my consent and I'll be telling that to Rick," he scolded, walking away.

Beth nodded. She knew her father wasn't going to budge.

She went to find Daryl.

Daryl was sharpening his knife. If he was going out into the town, near the Governor, he was taking a sharp knife and more arrows. He doubted he'd return with everything he was taking and wanted to be sure he would return.

After all, they'd all be lost without him.

Beth called out his name and he turned. "What?" he grumbled. She blinked her eyes shocked but determined, "Teach me to shoot and how to defend myself," she demanded.

"Sc'use me? You ordering me around? Go ask your daddy for help, you ain't my fuckin' problem!" he yelled.

Her whole body shook, "I'm sorry but... Rick told my dad..." she sighs, stopping herself. "Rick told him that he wanted to take me into town." There's a silence and Daryl goes back to sharpening his knife, "I told Rick I wanted to take you into town, god knows you need to get out of here and wake up to reality," he growled.

Beth sat carefully beside Daryl. "Yesterday, when I-" she started. "You weren't my problem, I took you anyway," he yells. "I saved your ass, show some appreciation, bitch!"

Daryl watched Beth walk off, muttering something about him not cussing, with her arms hanging loosely at her sides. He knew she was either crying or was upset. He didn't really care, she shouldn't have been so demanding especially after she almost died and he saved her. She wasn't his problem and she shouldn't put all her faith in him.

He's used to letting people down, he does it a lot. His brother, his dad and his mum.

Beth turned to watch Daryl wipe his face; he was thinking, she could tell. His eyebrows were arched and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth slightly, almost goofily.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and she looked into that redneck's crazy blue eyes. "I thought," she said, "that you didn't like me." Daryl sighed, "Wanna learn how to shoot or not, one time offer?" he grunted. Beth nodded.

"When do we start?"

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