Chapter 17

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(Gemini POV)

Seconds Later I Felt Someone Tap On My Shoulder. "I'm Caught" I Thought.

"I Thought You Left?" I Said Turning Around Thinking It Was Tay But Instead It Was Her.

"What You Want?" I Asked Tonia As She Took A Seat Beside Me.

"Nothing" She Said. "Not Now At Least" She Added.

"Listen Tonia Me And You Was A Mistake" I Started.

"A Mistake You Loved" She Said Cutting Me Off.

"No I Did Not" I Said.

"I Had You Moaning And Groaning When I Was Riding That Dick" She Said.

I Didn't Say Anything Cause She Was Kinda Telling The Truth.

"Well..." She Said. "Who Was Dude Your Girl Was Talking To?" She Asked.

"A Friend" I Said Even Though I Had No Idea Who Dude Was.

"Is That Why Your Sneaking Around?" She Said.

"I'm Not Sneaking Around" I Said. Like Why Would I Be. I Don't Care Who Tay Was Talking To.

"You Have No Idea Who Dude Is Huh?" She Asked.

"Who Said I Don't?" I Asked Her.

"You Said You Don't" She Said.

"I Did" I Said. "Wait No I Didn't" I Said Correcting Myself.

"Told You" She Said.

"Dont You Have Anything Better To Do?" I Asked Her.

"Your Not Doing Anything..." She Said.

"OK" I Said. "I Didn't Realize" I Added.

"And I'm Not Doing Anything..." She Said.

"I Care Because..." I Said.

"Because We Can Do Something Together" She Said.

"Hell Nawl Go Find Gilani" I Said Getting Up.

As I Reached For The Door She Pulled Me Back And Dropped My Pants And One Thing Led To Another...

Let's Just Say I Needed An Old Fill. But I Don't Plan On Continuing Shxt With This Girl.

I Walks Into TD's Room Very Silently. I Didn't Want To Interrupt His Phone Call.

TD - "Ofcourse I'm Getting You Something For Christmas" He Said.

TD - "Why Would I Not... You Know You My Baby"

I Wonder Who He Was Caking With.

TD - "No"

TD -"Maybe"

TD - "Why Would I Not?"

Not What? Mmmm.

TD - "I Got Our Whole Future Planned"

TD - "Ima Go Pro Ofcourse And You Gone Become A Sexy Model..."

OK He Making Plans I Guess.

TD - "Why Wouldn't You?"

TD - "You To Sexy To Not Be A Model... At Lease For Me"

TD - "Have You Seen Your Ass And Your Boobs And That Pretty Face Of Yours?"

TD Spitting Game... He Is Like Me After All.

TD - "Its All Mines You Know That"

TD - "Listen I Want A Whole Lotta Jitts"

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