Chapter Thirty-Eight - Restless

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Chapter Thirty-Eight


James continued to pace. "What were you saying about the-" He waved his hand in the air.

"…the Colt M1911 pistol?" Markus filled in for him, looking bored. "I said I prefer it and believe it should be our first choice. All the internal bits are steel and it shoots well even when muddy or sandy. Not that sand is a particularly big problem here."

"Sounds good," James said distractedly.

"So you want me to look for those? See if I can get us an order? My supplier got all sorts-"

"I trust your judgment when it comes to weapons, you know I do."

"Yes sir," Markus said and sat up straighter. Sometimes James thought, it was real easy to tell when someone had been in the military. They just sat a little bit too straight.

"James," Tobias said as he entered the room. "The call was from the alpha of the Fiery Sky Pack."

It took James only a moment to realize the significance of that."Megan's father? What did he want?"

"He claims there is supposedly a prophecy about Megan. He read it to me." Tobias sounded sober.

"And what did you big brain make of it?"

Tobias rubbed his neck. "I agree it is about Megan, and I believe I understand the part they didn't."

"Then tell us?" James snapped.

"They had translated it, but I asked to hear it in the Old Tongue." Tobias tone lowered as he change to

their mother tongue," As written in the Circuli Praeteritum; in the time of the witch born, in the place which will be the new world, one will be mated to the warrior and taken from her home. She will be the light that brings them, the night flame, so they can be led astray by unfinished blood. It is an incomplete telling, there should be three sentences, not two. I believe the rest of it is in the Circuli Praeteritum."

"Which, when I last checked has been missing for A-Very-Long-Time," Markus said with mock cheerfulness.

"Night flame," James said and swallowed. Night flame was the old word for wraith. "What does it mean?"

"I think," Tobias began. "It means she will somehow call to the wraiths, will lead them to her, be a sort of magnet. I have heard of it before. A warrior pack I ran with, long ago, had civilian wolves they called Flame Bringers. These wolves for some reason drew wraiths to us. Like bees to honey. Just having them with us made sure a group of wraiths would find us. But I have never heard of a female possessing this-"

"Give me the phone," James said, tugging the phone from Tobias grasp before the other wolves could move his arm. He punched in Robin's number, willing his beta to hear it, to answer it. He needed to tell Robin to get Megan back home. To let him know there would be enemies coming for them.

Robin really needed to answer his damned phone.

But he didn't.

James tried again. Robin didn't pick up.

The fear suddenly raging inside him - the knowledge that dark had just fallen, that Megan was in danger because he'd let her out – made him throw the phone across the room, shattering the little device into a million pieces.

"Fuck," Markus said, staring at the broken piece of tech. "I'll try Tommy on my phone. Maybe he'll answer."

James was still too angry to say anything. Angry with himself, with Megan for suggesting the whole thing, with Robin for not taking her back in time.

Markus left the room, pulling out his phone.

"That was how the second pair of wraiths found us when she came to find me, when I was injured," James muttered when he had a few moments to think over this new information. "They could sense her. Why haven't they come here?" he asked, looking at Tobias.

"Perhaps it has to do with proximity. No wraiths ever found our hiding place outside the city when I was with my old pack. The Flame Bringers only drew them out when we were already in places known for wraith activity. So I suspect they need to be within range." Tobias shrugged.

"So she'll be safe here?"

"Yes, I believe so. We haven't been overrun with wraiths so far so the evidence would suggest we are all safe."

"Good." James nodded.

Now he just had to trust Robin and Tommy would bring her safely back home.

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