Chapter 15

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I've never been so nervous before. Not even when i volunteered for Prim, or when i got reaped again for the Quarter  Quell, or when the revolution was on me... Peeta and i planned our wedding on July 24, in summer when everything is green and beautiful. We sent invitations everywhere. I thought 2 months before wedding was enough for me to get rid of nervousness, but i was wrong.

Here i am now, it's July 23 and i am still trembling. What if it will go wrong? or I'll do something stupid? or maybe i'll just panic and run? or maybe i won't be enough? I don't know, all the bad thoughts are coming on the surface, but i try to imagine how happy i will be after all of this. Thank God, Effie is here to take care of me, she does everything, started from makeup and advises. If she was not here, i'd screw up everything.

Effie is putting finale touches on my makeup and dress.

"You are the most beautiful bride i've ever seen" she wipes a tear rolling down her cheek.

"Thank you Effie. When i'll get to see Peeta? i feel less nervous when he is with me."

"Oh girl, what are you saying? He won't be able to see you before the wedding.  wait a few hours."

I take a deep breath and inspect myself in the huge mirror. I look beautiful in this long pretty dress without much accessories and jewelry. I hope Peeta will like me. I wonder how everything turned out these years. I've never wanted to get married ever, but now i can't wait until my wedding. Oh God, MY WEDDING. it's hitting me again, that i am actually going to marry. But i calm myself down, because i am going to marry the cutest, loveliest, kindest, hottest man i know. The love of my life.

The wedding is on the beach of the lake. At first, i see people standing, i look around to see Annie, Gale, Effie and my mom. There are much more people there but i can't see clearly. I hold on Haymitch's hand and go forward. I look up and see Peeta standing there, looking very handsome, excited and happy. Haymitch gives my hand to him and says something but i don't hear it, because my blood is pounding in my ears.

"You are so beautiful" Peeta whispers and i smile, happy to be here, with this man. i feel strength coming back to me and the ceremony starts.

After Peeta says "i do", it's my turn. Two words and i'll be his forever and he will be mine. My mouth goes dry and my heart is hammering, but i say strongly "i do".

That's it, i am now officially Katniss Mellark. And it's the best feeling ever.

Hey guys, thank you for so many reads! i am sooo happy ❤ Here's the little chapter for you, promise i'll update soon with longer ones :)

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