Dinner with a vampire. Did I mention I'm vegetarian? (15)

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Dinner with a vampire. Did I mention I'm vegetarian? (Chapter 15)

Time lapses rock my fluffy socks. And you have to listen to the song below. I know, the links are messed up, but just type the song names in on youtube.com =)

And sorry for any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors etc. Hasn't been proof read =S

But it is a long one, so YAY!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-EuebA3L18 (Twilight by Vanessa Carlton - now officially Violet's song! =) Just listen to the lyrics!)

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(Sanctitatis by Future of Forestry)

Hours merged to days, days to weeks.

Everyday was as insignificant as the next, time passing in a vexing blur, nothing standing out.

I spent almost all my time cooped up in my room, amusing myself as best I could. It had been a week exactly since that fateful phone call, and it still troubled my thoughts. I had hoped that I may be able to call my family again, but had quickly given up hope. Nobody talked to me, apart from the occasional, brief exchange. Fabian attempted conversation, but I pushed him away.

I couldn't get too close.

I was not naïve. I knew what would happen when I got out of here. What would happen to them.

I'm sure the stakes those men carried back in Trafalgar square weren't for show.

I hadn't heard much of Kaspar's conversation with my father, but I heard enough. My father would send slayers, or hunters - whatever. Some powerful slayer by the sound of it.

We all know what happens when slayers come along.

You don't need to watch Buffy.

I sighed, and looked back down at my drawing. I wasn't much of an artist, I had only just scraped an A at GCSE, but hadn't bothered to carry on to A-level. I had absentmindedly began sketching a pair of eyes. They were narrow, wise, and stealthy. A predators eyes, and I instinctively knew they should be emerald green.

Next to them, I had begun the outlining of another pair of eyes... these round, understanding... blue, like the sky on the clearest day.

A third pair, oval, defined... chocolate brown.

And one last pair, narrow but angular, violet.

I stopped, hesitantly, and looked at what I had drawn.

Holy crap.

I ripped the paper in two, and threw it far under my bed. It could go and have fun with the spiders.

I let out an involuntary shiver. This place was sending me loopy. I had to get out of here. Not that looked like it was going to happen anytime soon.

And it was my birthday in thirteen days.

Turning eighteen a hostage... what fun.

I contemplated whether I should play a little on the piano, when there was a brisk knock on my door. Assuming it was Fabian, I didn't bother to get up, and instead called;

"Come in!"

I heard the handle turn, but kept staring at my feet, feeling sorry for myself. Stupid vampires.


I looked up. That wasn't Fabian's voice, it was far too stern. And indeed, it was not Fabian. It was Sky.

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