JUNHOE ~ Midnight love

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" Just turn the lights off Junhoe!" I muttered as he open the lights again. He chuckled and I glared at him. Sometimes, I mean always, he's so childish.

"We're already in the middle of the movie so shush." I said and ate some popcorns.

"Can I lay down on your thighs again?" He smiled teasingly. His seducing eyes is turning small everytime he is smiling like that.

"You're always laying on my thighs and you are still asking for my permisison?" We both chuckled and he laid down on my thighs. Even though he's always doing this, my heart is still beating fast everytime I am with him.

"That's so unbelievable! Why did he broke up with his loving girlfriend? He's such a cheater." I muttered. The movie is pissing me off.

"Yea, if I was that guy, I will never do that to my girl. I'll love her 'til my last breath." He looked at me and kissed my hands. I held his hand and my other hand is caressing his silky hair.

After the movie, I yawned and looked at him.

"You look so tired and sleepy already. Go to your room now. I'll just clean up our mess." He said and picked up the pieces of popcorn scattered on the floor.

"Let me help you fir---"

"I can handle this already _______. I don't want you to stress yourself more. Don't think about me." He smiled like he is not tired too.

"I don't want to see you tired too Junhoe. Honestly, it hurts me seeing you like that." I said dramatically but he just gave me a chuckle. See how weird he is sometimes.

"Like this huh?" Now he is doing some weird poses. He's exposing his muscles and I'm just laughing back and forth.

"Me? Tired? Let's see who's tired." He walked near me and carried me in a bridal style. I am slightly punching his chest while we're both laughing.

He brought me upstairs going to my room.

"Yah! See? I'm still energetic and strong?" He then brought me down we both laid on my bed.

"Our relationship became strong because of you, Koo Junhoe. That's why I love you so much!" I pinched his cheeks and giggled.

"I would do anything for you _______ and for our relationship. I would not let anything ruin us. You're my girlfriend, my everything, and definitely my life. I love you so much _______." I dug my face into his chest and hugged him tight like I'm gonna lose him. But that will never happen.


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