The First Time

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Last week, Britt figured out Rory was a leprechaun and asked him a bunch of wishes. Knowing this, Santana took advantage of it and asked Rory to get Britt to join the 'Troubletones'. Santana wants to join to the 'Troubletones' because she wants more solos and Mercedes conviced her, but doesn't wanna go without Britt or myself. I told Santana, I wasn't leaving so, Britt and San left. And Rachel applied for Senior Class President. I was now at rehearsals with Artie, Rachel and Blaine, doing the duet 'Tonight'.

"No offence,guys. But there is a lack of sexual passion," said Artie stopping the music. Rachel and Blaine just looked at each other awkwardly.

"Are you two still.....?" I asked, they nodded and Coach and Miss.Pillsbury left.

"But we can pretend," suggested Rachel.

"The audience is never gonna buy it," replied Artie, shaking his head.

"So what do we do?" asked Blaine.

"It," I replied.

"We have to do it because it's not believable if we don't?" asked Rachel.

"Touché," I answered, before going to class.

"Wait, Liv!" said Blaine running up to me.

"What's up?" I asked stopping.

"Can you come to Dalton with me tomorrow?" he asked. "I have tickets for them to see the show and I want to give it to them in person."

"Why would I go?" I said, starting to walk to my locker.

"Your cousin," he replied.

"Fine," I agreed.


"Please join," Santana begged.

"No, I love the 'New Directions' and I don't wanna betray my friends there. I'm sorry," I replied.

"Fine but, if and when we beat you in Regionals, you will join. Deal?" Santana asked.

"If. Deal!" I agreed and we shook on it.

"Yay!" yelled Britt.

"Let's go get Taco Bell," she suggested.

"Let's!" San and I said in unison.

~After School~

Texting Sam
O:Sam. Please talk?
O:I'm begging.
O: As your best bud
O:The silent treatment.Haha. Nice one

Everyday I tried texting Sam, but no reply. I know he has seen them though. It says under every message 'seen'. What is wrong with that dude? I wonder why he had to transfer.....

~Next Day, After School~

Blaine and I were walking through Dalton, when we heard.

The Warblers:

What sounded like Uptown Girl. I scan the room with the Warblers in it, I realise there is a new boy. I immediately recognise him and try to walk away. When I feel my cousin keeping in the room.

Nick with The Warblers harmonizing:
Uptown girl

She's been living in her uptown world
I bet she never had a backstreet guy
I bet her mama never told her why
I'm gonna try for an

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