Coming to the Territory Part 8

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I woke to find after my nap that I had a couple of little visitors waiting for me. Namely Rascal and Brandon Jackson. To be honest, I think I could feel their stares and that's what woke me up. When they saw that I was awake, they just smiled and me. Then squealed.

"Aunty VI, Jenny is awake." They both yelled at the same time which I have to say really did surprise me. It actually made me jump when they squealed.

"Did you have to yell, you two hooligans. You could have said it more quietly, you know." Their Mum said to them when she came to make sure they weren't bothering me.

"Hello dear. Are you feeling a bit better?" Mrs Jackson asked me.

"Yeah. I'm not too bad, I suppose." I replied back to her with a little smile.

"That's good, dear." She added as she tried to get both of her children away from me so that the nurses could assist me with getting up and going into the bathroom.

Something the kids said a moment ago stopped me thinking.  "Aunty VI, is it?" I asked as I looked at the kids with a query look as the nurses had me resettled again.

"I allowed the kids to call me that. It was easier for them." She said with a smile at the kids who smiled back at her with this big cheesy grins. The kids and their mum had seen both of my legs that were still in plaster.

When my shirt fell a little off my shoulder, you can see the bandage still along with some cuts that had recently had some staples removed.The wounds that could be seen were still red and raw looking along with some green and yellow bruises still there.

"We'll be landing in about an hour, so the kids are going to spend a little bit of time here with us before they have to go and sit themselves back into their seats for landing." Mum was saying. I thought it made a bit of sense as there was more room here for them to play and not be cooped up back where their seats were.

"That's good. Maybe they can play some games with me to help pass the time." I said to them with a smile.

"That's lovely of you to offer, but it might be too much for you with them here." Mrs Jackson said to me.

"That's okay. I would really like the company. Maybe they can tell me about their home." I suggested hoping that the kids could take my mind off what was happening back home with Mack and Rachel. I still can't believe that they did that, especially Mack. I felt so betrayed by him.

"We got lots of trucks." Brandon was saying. "They are really big. They go places somewhere." He was adding, before he looked at his mum.

"Mum, where does Daddy's trucks go?" He asked his mother, looking at her with interest about wanting to know the answer.

"We have a transport company where we deliver goods from one place to another regardless of what it is, (legally of course) and wherever it needs to go.." Mrs Jackson was saying. "My brother James also is a partner with us in the business."

"A lot of the time it is usually building materials that we deliver country wide." She said with a smile. She had the kind of smile that just makes you want to smile with her too. So I did, smile that is.

So Mrs Jackson stayed with us while I played some games with the kids. She was having a nice chat with Mum. I'm still trying to come to terms with Aunty Vi being my Mum from now on. I'm also having a hard time coming to terms with Mack's betrayal.

But what I have to come to terms with is that my family abandoned me. They tossed me aside, and for what? The lies of a spoilt bitch like Rachel. The thought of them hurt. It really did.

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