Being 18 really isn't as amazing as you may think.

This is what Piper Fray can't stop thinking as she goes about her daily activities, today being the very day in which she turns the so-called magical age.

She sits in the café she always sits in, feeling the same as she always has, as Simon rambles on about things that he always does. This is right when Clary Fray - her angelic twin sister - enters the expanse, straight out of her art school interview.

However, it doesn't look good. She shakes her head with a sad expression as the waiting pair get to their feet.

"Give me the professor's names and I will end them." Clary shoots Simon a look. "You know, with a scathing email to the dean."

"Pansy," Piper scoffs jokingly. "Don't worry, C. I'll end them properly. Which ones are going down?"

Clary shakes her head glumly, handing the pair the letter. "Don't bother."

Simon stares sorrowfully at the elder of the redheads for a moment before looking down at the letter, upon which the word CONGRATULATIONS! is written at the top in bright red.

"What?" Simon drags out a first, shooting a grin at the girl as he nods his approval. "Sad face. Really?" Clary giggles in response. "Well played, well played," Simon praises as the pair fist bump and drag their hands back whilst wiggling their fingers dorkily.

"Thank you," Clary responds. "You know, it's weird. They kinda liked my assigned work, but they flipped out over the drawings for our graphic novel."

"You're welcome," Simon points at her jokingly as Clary laughs in reply.

"This day will go down in history as the greatest 18th birthday I ever had."

"Which is why we are celebrating tonight," Simon tells them both as a waitress sets down the trio's cups, Piper smiling her thanks at her before the brunette walks away. "Yes, with Maureen after our show."

"Absolutely," Clary humours her best friend. "So, what's the deal with you and Maureen?"

Piper wiggles her eyebrows at the boy as he stops with his cup halfway to his mouth, oblivious. "What deal? No deal. We sing together," he brushes the comment off, but the redhead twins are having none of it.

"Okay, Simon, whatever you say," Piper nods as Clary shoots her a joking glare.

"You seriously don't know she's been crushing on you this whole time?"

"What? No," Simon replies sharply, collecting himself for a short moment before shooting the pair a serious stare. "No."

"Simon, how can someone as smart and perceptive as you not realise that the person sitting right there is in love with you?" Clary sighs and Piper widens her eyes awkwardly, leaning back in her chair before shooting Simon a look of oh-no-she-didn't. It's obvious to everyone but Clary that Simon is in love with her, and that comment just made things awk-ward.

The geeky boy shoots the youngest Fray a subtle glare before turning back to face Clary. "I guarantee you I'm not the only smart, perceptive person to make that mistake."

Piper averts her eyes and whispers a singsonged, "Awkward," as her companions merely stare at each other for a second before Clary breaks out into a soft smile.

She glances down again, confused as she acknowledges a drawing that she didn't do, Piper and Simon glancing between each other momentarily, confused by the girl's actions.

"That's a latte," Simon comments sarcastically, pointing to the cup that Clary appears to be staring at.

"But I could have sworn I had a biscotti," Clary answers as she furrows her eyebrows and her eyes swoop over the table.

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