sad tears

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Tears flowing freely down my face,

I promised myself not to,

Tears are weak,

Tears are pathetic.

I'm crying again,

This time I can't help it,

Parents are divorcing and it's partly my fault,

But how do I make it all better?

Not crying that's for sure

They come again,

Of their own will,

I've lost my best friend,

A car comes zooming by and next thing she's in A & E

The driver surely didn't cry

So why am I?

I broke my arm,

Was it my fault?


Am I crying?


Why am I crying?

Because there is nothing left in my life

I may as well be dead

Cos all I've done all my life is cry,

Do I want to stop?


Can I stop?


Why, you ask?

Because it's time to stand up to life


There must be a way

Otherwise all would be dead.

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