Chapter 4 - P.E Class

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Naruto P.O.V

As I was following Sasuke to the lockers I thought about what happened in the storage room.

That was really awkward, even for me. He was way too close–but I guess it was my fault for leaning on his chest. I had nowhere else to go! It was either that or jab my back on the cleaning supplies.

We hastily got our sport clothes and slammed our lockers, running outside towards the gym.

"What court are we on today?"

I ask, slinging my sports bag over my shoulder, trying to keep up with Sasuke's long strides.

"Court three. You know, if you checked your timetable once in a while, you'd know what subject we have and where to go."

He comments, a smirk plastered on his lips. I narrow my eyes and stick my tongue out at him, he just rolls his eyes.

It is always like this with us, he would make a smart ass comment, I'd get pissed off at him and then he'd act all cool and shit–he always acts cool no matter what.

We enter the gym, the sound of shoes screeching along the floor and basketballs bouncing echo through the building. We pasted a few classes before walking into the change room.

I absolutely hate the change room, it is the worst place in school–and I'm not exaggerating. I'm talking about dirty towels thrown into corners of the room, rubbish everywhere, it smelt like body odour mixed with rotten food and the room wasn't even that big!–so when we were getting changed it would be really awkward cuz we'd be shoulder to shoulder touching.

So when we barge into the change room I'm glad it's only me and Sasuke in here, more room. I quickly strip off my white school button up shirt and start rummaging through my sports bag, trying to find my orange singlet. We didn't really have a sports uniform, we just got to wear whatever we found comfortable–and in my case, I wear a bright orange, tight-fit singlet and black shorts.

I pull out my black shorts and orange and black Nike Air Max's–as you can tell I really like the colour orange, it just looks really good on me I reckon.

I put my shorts on and then stand up, grabbing my singlet.

I feel like someone's watching me. . .

I turn my head, looking at Sasuke. He was already changed and had his stuff packed up, ready to go. His eyes narrowed on me.

"What's wrong loser? Need help getting changed?"

He says mockingly, cocking an eyebrow. I gulp and look away.

Idiot. . .

I slip on my singlet and put my school clothes into my small sports bag, huffing. I then quickly tie up my shoes and stand up straight.

"Shut up, let's just go."

I remark, walking out of the change room, not looking back.

Sasuke P.O.V

The blond idiot strode to the door and left. I felt more at ease when he wasn't around, I don't know why though. . .

Maybe because he didn't catch me staring–hey! Don't judge, I wasn't checking him out or anything. I was just waiting for him to finish getting changed, he is always so slow–and I guess I was staring at him for too long.

Naruto is very tanned and sorta toned, when I say toned, I mean he isn't fat but he isn't the fittest.

Anyway, I walk out of the change room and head to court three. As soon as I catch a glimpse of our class, all the girls came flocking towards me.

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