Chapter 2

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When you arrived, you felt like you can plot world domination. For some reason, your self confidence was just so fricken high.

You pressed the button on the door.

"Hello, Miss (l/n)." Said Friday.

"Hey, I'm here to see Tony. Can you let me in?" You asked.

Almost instantly did you hear the door unlock and you went in. You had a feeling that Stark would be up in the penthouse since that's where the bar was.

You made your way to the elevator and waited patiently as it brought you up to the penthouse. Finally, you were there and you walked out like diva status and everything.

And right when you walked in, a song was playing that you were actually walking the beat to.

You looked around. Where the hell was everybody.

Then you realized what song this was.


"STARRRRRRKKKK" you heard someone yell.

One moment you were taking a step forward and the next you saw a blur of blue in front of you and the speed of it going by you knocked you to the ground.

The contents of your bag was spilled everywhere.

Undies and bras and all.

"Damnit!" You yelled.

The blue blur came back but this time it stopped in front of you.

It helped you up and apologized in a sort of Russian accent.

Holy crap.

This is Pietro.

"I'm sorry I bumped into you. It's just that Stark has been blasting that song all day just to annoy me."

You rolled your eyes. "Of course he was." Then at the top of your lungs, "STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKK"

Pietro actually had to cover his ears. But thankfully, the music stopped.

"Ah my dear lovely (y/n). Pietro I see you met your babysitter." Tony said, coming out of nowhere.

"Stark, it is very unnecessary to play such sound with such vulgar words in it. A woman should not classify her beauty and success as identifying herself as a boss or degrade herself by calling herself that.. that.. word. You know the one." Said a crimson skinned being. Wait what.

He stopped in front of you and took your hand. "Hello. I am Vi-"

"JARVIS!" You screamed, making Vision jump back a bit. You immediately hugged him.


Vision just stood there with a look that was pleading for help.

"I am not Jar-" He began but was cut off by hand motions from Tony telling him not to ruin that moment. Tony knew how much you adored Jarvis. He was trying to create another Jarvis. Jarvis Jr.

"Ok (y/n) you're mutilating him."

You let Vision go. "Uh, sorry."

"It's alright." He said.

"I take it that this is the girl who will look after us?" Said a female voice. "Hello. I am Wanda. And that is my brother Pietro."

"No need for introductions, Wanda. I met her when she dropped in." He said, giving me a smirk.

"Now listen here you little shit, I-" you started.

"I'm joking!" Pietro laughed.


"Woah woah, (y/n). Eat a Snickers." Said Tony.


Tony flinched when you rounded on him. "B- because you're not you when you're hungry.."

You glared at him. However, after awhile your glare softed. "Actually I am a little hungry where's the food."

Pietro immediately zoomed to the kitchen and brought back some berries.

You devoured them.

Then you smiled innocently at Pietro.

"Sorry man."

He nodded. "I'm gonna go plant my ass on the couch." And that is exactly what he did.

He turned on the TV and started watching SpongeBob.

You know that episode with the Anchovies?


That episode.

Wanda pulled out a cell phone and went on Twitter.

You looked from Wanda to Pietro and back to Wanda.

Then you looked at Tony. "Ya'll want me to teach them... what exactly? Because they seem all caught up?"

Tony laughed. "Yeah, um Pietro was under the impression that skinny dipping was legal."

You shrugged. "Doesn't stop people from doing it anyway."

"In public areas."

"OH GOD PIETRO NO." You exclaimed.

"PIETRO YES" Pietro exclaimed back.

"Children?!?!?!?!?!" You questioned.

Tony laughed. "Yeah he scared quite a few little ones."

Pietro laughed. "Yes but we can't deny there were women who were enjoying the show. I'm pretty damn irresistible."

Wanda snorted. "Yeah you may be the oldest by twelve minutes but I'm the most good-looking."

"ANYWAY, they need to know laws. They're not the same here. Sokovia was different. I'm still not sure if it was legal to publicly skinny dip overthere." Tony said.

"It wasn't. I just thought since this is the country of the free, then it was okay."

"Well it's not. I'm the one that had to take you away after you terrorized the public." Said the most familiar voice ever.

You turned around and saw Steve.


He chuckled. "Since when am I Stevie?"

However, your moment was ruined by a loud scream from the T.V.


Followed by


You rolled your eyes. "Ya having fun there, Maximoff?!?!?!"

Pietro just looked at you and smiled innocently.

Tony started to slowly back out of the room. "Well. I'm gonna go work what I'm working on. I'm almost done. Might test it today. Well, hope you kids have fun." Then he laughed.

You sighed.

Not even ten minutes later did you have to stop Vision from frying the microwave.

You might just need a huge bag of weed to complete this mission ..

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