Part 1

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Naina was getting ready to go, it has been a year since she had joined KKN and still she had the excitement.  While she was getting ready Priya (short for Pri) hugged her from behind.
Naina: good morning Pri. How's my little princess
Pri: Main theek hoon, mamma
Priya was only 3 years old and Naina loved the way she would call her mamma.
Naina called the servant Shanti and told her to give food to Priya.
Naina then saw the time it was 8:00, she had to reach at 8:30. She quickly wished Pri good bye and kissed her head and told her she would be back at 9:00 pm. Naina quickly went out of the house after telling shanti what she needed to do.
AT KKN OFFICE: It was just like any ordinary day at KKN everyone was busy in gathering news.
Somewhere at some restaurant: Khalid was waiting for someone, someone who was very important, someone who would make his channel the number one channel.


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