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Naina Singh, a crime reporter at KKN. She was happy to be a reporter and especially when she worked with her friends. The friends who were everything to her, they were Huda, Alekh, Yudi, Pooja and Ali. They had known each other for 5 years, except for Ronnie, she had known him since childhood. They were best friends. She would share everything with him. She had a lot of things in her life but one thing she never wished for was loneliness. The loneliness of losing her brother, the person who she loved the most. Her brother had committed sucide, that's what everyone said but she knew that wasn't the whole truth. She had become a reporter to find out the truth of her brother, Navin's, death. Navin was married to Shalini and they both had a daughter who has only some months old. After hearing about Navin's sucide, Shalini slipped from the staircase and died. Naina was completely shattered after everyone left her. After her parents she only had Navin and Shalini but now there was only her and her brothers daughter priya. From that day she decided to take care of priya like her own child and never let her miss her parents. Everyone believed that her brother did the right thing of killing himself no one believed in her brother. It was then that only one person wrote something good about her brother which was Mr.Kabir Sharma, who now was Naina's idol.

I know the intro might have been too fast but the rest will be good.

Note: This was the introduction, you will get to know more about Navin later. And all the other characters will also get revealed in the next parts.

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