(38) ~ hospital visit ~

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You try stand up but then fall again. Tony flys over and picks you up. You look at him with pain in your eyes. He rushes over to a bed and rips some materiel  off and wrap it around your leg and one on your arm holding the wound together. " we gotta get you to a hospital. " he says worriedly. " what about the bike?" You ask. " Sam can drive you. I'll take the bike" he says. " Sam, she's hurt" Tony says and sam drops what he was holding and rushed out following. " put her in the car I'll drive" Sam says. " I need the keys for the bike" Tony says you you and you get them out of your pocket. " please be careful" you say and hand them to him as he puts you in the car. You sit in the front in so much pain you cry. " don't worry. We will be there soon" Sam says and pulls out the driveway. " wait for Tony" you say. " ok." He says and waits. Tony pulls out Infront and sam follows. You arrive at the hospital and Tony carries you in. " I can walk" you say to him feeling useless. " I don't care your mine I will carry you if I want to" he says and you shrug. " ok" you say not wanting to fight. " she needs emergency surgery now" the nurse says and she takes you. " wait a sec" you say and run back to Tony giving him a kiss. You go back to the nurse and she takes you to emergency surgery. You get a mask put on you and that's the last thing you remember. You awaken a few hours later to see the whole Ncis team  Infront of you waiting  for you to Wake up. You looked around at them all and then realized Lt. Riley came. Tony was asleep next to you. "He cried himself to sleep" Gibbs said. You looked at him still a bit sore. You snuggled down next to him and he wrapped his arms around you gently. " your alive" he said happily opening his eyes. " apparently. How long have j been out" you say. " you are alive wether you like it or not and you have been out for nearly a week" he says. " I guess the force stayed with me" you said. " yes it did Princess Leia" he says and you let out a little laugh. " well lazer brain , I'm hungry" you say and your  tummy rumbles. You look over at Lt.riley. " come here" you say and signal him to come over. " did i ever tell you that you remind me of tom cruise when he was about our age" you say and he looks at you completely flattered. " really?" He says and you nod. He looks in the mirror. " oh wow I do" he says smiling. " I guess the odds aren't in your favor" McGee says and you look at him. " never tell me the odds!" You say and he smiles. " yes captain solo" he says laughing. " no that's him" you say pointing at Tony. " I'm solo and your leia. My princess" tony says sitting up with you. " well we best be leaving. Try your hardest to not get anymore hurt" Gibbs says. " do or do not. There is no try" you say smiling. " alright enough star wars yoda" Gibbs says smiling and they walk out. " well it's time for me to go back to base" Riley says. " stay safe please. I don't need to get another one of those dreadful calls saying that a good friend is in hospital and nearly dead" he says. " I will" you say and he gives you a hug. " visit soon. Please. Or even call or video chat. The mockingjay is fine" he says and he pulls something out of his pocket. He hands you it and you look at it. " it's the mockingjay symbol" you say and smile. " you ordered it while you where at base. It arrived the day after you left" he says and opens the door. " cya later. Mockingjay" he says smiling and closes the door. " alright where can I get some food around here" you say grumpily. " I'll get some. What ya want?" Tony asks getting off the bed and getting his wallet. " a bottle of water and a chocolate. Haven't had that stuff in months" you say. " alrighty" he says and exists the room leaving you alone.  You look at your phone. " it's already 11:30?" You say shocked. Tony comes back in and hands you the water and your chocolate. " thank you captain solo" you say still on the star wars thing. " your welcome princess" he says. " when can I escape this prison" you say and he laughs. " they will let you go tomorrow" he says. " they better" you say sitting back bored. "I'm not even tired" you say. " neither. " Tony says. " wait a sec." He says and pulls out a travel chess game. " it's on like donkey kong" you say and he sets the board up. You sit up crossing your legs. He sits on the other side doing the same. " alright. These are the storm troopers" you say pointing to the pawns. " this is lord Vader" you say pointing to the King. " this is Ella Vader" you say laughing pointing at the queen. " those can be little r2 units" Tony says pointing at the bishops. " they can be c-po units" you say pointing at the Knights and you list  the rest. " let's play. May the force be with you" you say and make a first move. An hour later " checkmate" you said happily. It was now 1:00. " we actually better get to sleep. Otherwise we will be tired tomorrow and not be fully working" you say and Tony agrees. You help pack the chess up then you lay down in your bed. " this is gonna be harder than I thought" you say not tired. " ehh" Tony says and turns the lights off and comes and lays down with you.

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